It was something in their voices that interrupted my daydreaming…For a moment, I almost forgot where I am and, in my mind, the crowded bus and the cruel light turned into a tropical beach in a sunny afternoon. Over productive imagination, what would I do without it? 🙂

Well, they were certainly enjoying this trip. Their English was far from being perfect, but the sweet way they were completing each other’s sentences…The giggles and the flirting, loud enough for everyone to notice, brought a big smile to my face. And a bitter-sweet feeling in my heart…but I stopped. No more melancholia! So, I discreetly turned my head to see them.

Both students, around 18-19 years old, far away from home…She knew all the lines and told him to stop trying because she heard them all. But her eyes were telling a different story. And her fingers touching him “by accident” while he assured her that he wasn’t even trying…no, going out for a coffee is not a date, how could she possibly imagine such thing 🙂

Then his cellphone started to buzz and he answered immediately, leaving her battling with a shadow of doubt. Was “I know all the lines” really the best line? Could it be that he doesn’t realize? Wasn’t he interested…just before? Then, that smile on his face, seeing her reaction…the way he pulled her closer, whispering something in her ear, her blushing then laughing so hard…He took her hand and she looked into his eyes. No more doubts, no more shadows.

Their story continued away from the crowded bus. As they got out, I realized how they filled the place with such a positive energy and now…I looked at the people around me, their world was just the same as before. They will go on with their lives unaware of the blessing, unaware of the miracle they just witnessed.

My bitter-sweet feeling was replaced with pure joy. It is so rarely, it is so pure, so beautiful and precious to see a bridge of light being created between two hearts.

Some journeys end when others just begin, but today I feel blessed. May it be Light in our hearts, so that our eyes would never miss the miracles around us!


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