“I’m going to every world you’re coming from…” 

Sometimes, certain lyrics, maybe a melody or a refrain keeps repeating in my mind, like a message or an inner voice. Today was one of those days…Early in the morning I woke up to a sky so blue, almost immaculate. The radio was playing one of my favorites tunes, then they interrupted the program with a prediction of storm.

I laughed. A storm, right out of the blue…

I do have all the reasons in the world to smile. And I do mean it when I say how grateful I feel for all the blessings. I am loved…so where is this terrible burden coming from? It feels like I’m carrying the weight of the world. Not on my shoulders, but upon my heart.

The blue of the sky became more intense. An obsessive blue, a clear color that hurts my eyes. And I find it so difficult to watch it…so difficult to breath. I need to cry, I don’t know why, but it will make it all bearable…

The wind is playing in my hair…yellow petals are dancing around me. It is an incantation, a cruel ritual…and I need a shelter. I need someone to hold me now. It’s almost physical, the need is nearly a pain…it hurts and I don’t know how to stop it. And the sky becomes dark.

Water in my eyes…it feels cold and it’s burning my face at the same time. I cry and the sky cries with me. It’s a long time since I cried like that…for apparently no reason at all. I look around me, no one saw my tears. People are rushing by…how many unseen storms are rushing into the arms of their beloved ones?

I lift my eyes to the sky in a silent prayer. I do know it now…

I need YOU to hold me now, in the middle of the storm. Please, Lord…

A ray of light is breaking the dark clouds. It touches my skin and I close my eyes. The storm is almost over. He took my burden away, once again. I’m wiping away my tears and I breath.

To be embraced by Light in the middle of the darkness…

To cry in the arms of the angels…

To find Love in the eye of the storm.

To breath. To be alive. Every day miracles.


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