Expectations are my worst enemy.

I shouldn’t be writing right now. I feel heartbroken, sad…and writing is like opening a wound. Painful. Anyway, I just wanted to share something…

My grandmother called me today. She’s 83, still very energetic, dynamic, optimistic. I always admire this vivacity of hers and I always tell her. Today I found myself saying to her “please don’t ever change…” She smiled (I could feel her smile, even if she was on the phone).

You know, life is painful. Sadness, sorrows, pains, hurts..you name it…it’s all there! In every single day of our lives. But if you focus on the bad things, when will you ever live? So, just enjoy life as it is. Because, no matter how hurtful, every day is a miracle.” 

Yes, every day is a miracle. But the day when he walks on by, leaving me crying…

That day, today, just broke my heart.

And no…I can’t make it whole again, not this time…


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