-Going to the underground is anything but safe… 

I looked back a little anxious but his calm and gentle voice and the deep blue in his eyes were enough to reassure me that I’m safe. He had blonde hair and a white shirt. And the friendliest smile I ever saw. I smiled back.

-I never liked it either, but I’m meeting a few friends. Actually, my friend Anna asked me to meet her here, she said something about a journey…

-Well, Claudia…then you’re in the wrong place. Here is the end of the line. But, of course, it’s all about your choice. Your free choice.

-It can’t be. Anna told me…Wait! You know my name! How…

I heard Anna’s voice and I ran to hug her. I looked back for a moment, he was gone.

-Anna, you look great! Like you’re 20 all over again!

-I feel like I’m 20! And you…you look terrified. What happen?

Anna’s bright smile calmed me immediately.  I knew I sound crazy, but I told her anyway.

-It was a guy, right there, now he’s gone. And he knew my name, I freaked out…

She started to laugh.

-Ohhh…sweetie, now you’re acting like you’re 20! You know how guys are…Just ignore him, he must be another idiot hanging around here. Okay, time to go. I’ll introduce you to my friends once we get in that train. Go, get your ticket, we only have two minutes left!

As I was waiting to buy my ticket, I noticed that my wallet was missing.

-How embarrassing, it looks like I forgot my money. I’m so sorry, Anna…

-No worries, I’ll buy you a ticket.

A strange man with a very serious voice stopped us. He was tall and looked very old.

-What are you doing? You cannot buy her a ticket, it’s against the rules. She’s not supposed to…and you know it.

Anna interrupted him. I was surprised to see her acting so impolite.

-Damn…then I’ll give her my ticket. We’ll switch places.

-Are you out of your mind?

The old man was shouting at her.

-She’s not supposed to get into that train. She doesn’t have a ticket. Stop trying to break the law. It’s not her turn.

-No, it’s not. It wasn’t mine either, was it?!

I felt a cold shiver. The train was coming, a bright light and the doors were open.

-Anna, I…

-Just listen to me. You can still come with us…you just jump when he doesn’t look…

-I don’t know, Anna, I don’t feel like going anymore…and it’s so cold in here…

-Don’t be like that…we’re friends, right? We’re going to a party. Remember, you called me because you were feeling so lonely and no one cared for you. I care. My friends too…Just jump, don’t look down and jump. No one will miss you anyway! You can’t go home, there’s no way back from here.

Tears were rolling down my face and I suddenly realized.

-I don’t want to leave. I want to stay and find my way out of the darkness. This is my free choice.

The train vanished.

-You’re safe now, it’s alright.

I found myself in his arms, crying like never before.

-I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t had…I’m so terribly sorry…

-Hey…don’t cry…you’ll be alright. People are waiting for you at home. They miss you so much…here is nothing for you. Go back.

-And you…you…will I ever see you again?

He smiled, wiping away my tears.

-I’ll be waiting for you on the other side…

-Shhhtthhh…it’s just a nightmare…

I didn’t recognized him first. He looked scared, telling me he thought I’m dead, seeing me so pale, so cold and barely breathing. I tried to make a joke, but started to cry.

-It’s over, you just had a bad dream. You dreamed Anna again, right?

-Yes…she was alive in my dream. I can’t…

-I know it’s hard to accept…her suicide made no sense.

He was wrong. Every action makes sense, every choice has consequences. Eternal life or eternal guilt. An eternity of love or a journey in the darkness. My free choice. Yours too. Choose wisely and always stay IN love.

And never forget to say a prayer for those who never made it back home…





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