Because we’re always building dreams just to burn them down…

And we climb over walls just to complain when they’re too high.

We want more of that bitter-sweet nostalgia, so we never give enough to fulfill each others need…

That’s why I’m surrender. With all my heart, knowing that I tried, I fought, I struggled. Knowing that I never gave up on him. Not me…

I’m calling a truce and I’m waving a white flag because this war inside me, inside us…must end now. I need peace like I need air.

Playing tricks with my heart was never easy. And it seems I was given a stubborn heart, willing to live and to love. Again. So I surrender.

To this new feeling.  Here I am, standing with my white flag. I’m not a hero, nor a martyr and the sacrifice ends here. Love is greater than this. I surrender to love.

So, with trembling hands and teary eyes, I accept THE GIFT. And I am taking the falling. In love.



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