The dark will never set her free…

Do you believe in curses? 

I looked at her without a single word. She had a story to tell and so many shadows to overcome. And sometimes, the best way of helping someone, is to listen, really listen to its story. And to ease their way to the light beyond the dark…

She was a young girl searching for her prince, like every girl does, like every girl dreams. Only that her heart was a diamond. Beautiful, very precious and untouchable. With so many faces, all shining differently in the sweet golden light of the summer’s evenings…

She didn’t knew that the mirror was cursed. How would she know? She only knew that this mirror he found in the dark forest was reflecting her most beautiful face. She was always smiling in the mirror. Always dancing. Always telling her secrets…

Did it ever happen to you? To love someone with all your heart even if you have no chance, no real chance to ever feel his arms around you? 

It did, yes. But tell me more about her.

So you know how it feels. She only wanted to feel loved. A diamond, no matter how beautiful it is, it’s still a lonely stone. She wanted more. She needed to be more. And one night she broke into tears, tired of feeling so lost, so isolated, so alone. And in her desperation, she smashed the mirror against the floor.

He was just a shadow and she knew. But she still danced with him. She still chose him. And he took her hand and leaded her to the dark forest. Do you believe in curses?

I believe she felt cursed. I can only imagine the pain and sadness of falling in love with a shadow. Especially a shadow created by a broken mirror…Did she ever came back from the woods?

Oh, she did…But the light in her remained there. The dark will never set her free. And now she’s passing her curse to the next girl searching for a prince. Beware of your mirror…

My mirror? Oh, this is my laptop…see? Here is where I write this story you’re telling me. And people from different parts of the world can read.

You tell your secrets to the cursed mirror. You sing and smile in front of it. There’s no way out now…you’ll never reshape the destiny. The shadow is waiting for you, to lead you into the dark.

I gently took her hand. The tears in her eyes resembled to little diamonds.

It’s alright, I think I know how to reshape destiny…


I closed my laptop. She was shaking her head.

You have a dream in your soul. That’s the key.  And you’ll reshape destiny…because shadows appear only in the pale light of a broken dream. 

I thanked her and, for the first time, I realized how deep and profound was her loneliness. I asked her if she would want me to visit her at the hospital. She smiled for the first time.

And one more thing…Don’t ever turn your heart into a lonely, untouchable stone, no matter how beautiful it seems…







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