For every time you chose life. And you make this choice ten thousand times every day. So, yes, you are brave! And honest and generous…So, maybe it’s about time to forgive yourself and to start liking the beautiful person you see in the mirror. 

He avoided looking at me. The confession of a broken man…A man who failed. A lost soul. These were the ways he described himself. His hands were shaking. Free falling. “Help me”. “I need to accept the unacceptable”.

You committed no crime. But, as long as you define yourself in these terms, your heart will be overwhelmed by guilt. And guilt leads to…

Punishment. “Because that’s what I deserve”.

What’s the foundation of love? Is it build on guilt? On judgement and blame?

His hands were shaking so violently that he spilled the coffee. “I don’t deserve His love. I keep wasting every chance I was given.”

Every chance? How about this chance right here and right now? The tears in your eyes, what are they telling?

“That I repent. That I’m guilty. That I am…”

Human, maybe? Human enough to fall in love? Brave enough to look into your heart. Strong enough to ask for help when sadness and fear become unbearable. 

“You don’t understand. Yes, I love her. But I made a choice. I have a calling. I can’t simply leave the Seminary.”

You’re only twenty. So many choices, so many paths, so many decisions ahead of you. Yes, this is an important one. It’s only natural to hesitate. But remember, always remember…who you are.

“A future priest.”

Let’s say it differently. A child of God. Before being a future priest, you are a child of God. Do you agree?


As God is pure Love, are you allowed to love? Are you allowed to change your path in the name of love? 

“The way you’re saying it…just takes all the blame away. People will judge me. And her. They will blame her. My family will never accept our love. What will I do then?”

You’ll love her enough to create a shelter. A shelter of love, honesty, trust. You’re smiling, that’s a good sign. I never saw you smiling, never saw this beautiful light in your eyes.

He hugged me and messaged her, saying he’s better. The girl of his dreams. “Thank you for everything you did for us.”

Not me. I was just…asking for inspiration. Willing to repeat the words created by God to comfort and support. And He did what He always does. Loving us, His children, unconditionally.




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