So, this is not a confession after all. Tell me, sweet child, what is the sin I’m supposed to absolve? You only spoke about love…

I tried to stop myself from crying but his kindness was unexpected. In all my crisis, in all my weakness, he was always there. From the very beginning…from my first confession…The only one who’s still calling me “sweet child” even if I’m a grown up with children of my own.

My confession today was so different…yes, I spoke about love. A love that saved me from the deepest darkness. A love descending from Light, from Heaven. Pure and untamed. He listened and he smiled. He understood that no sin was committed…He knew it and he didn’t needed me to explain…

I see this glow around you, this light in your eyes. And I’m grateful I came to live this day even if…and I think I’m the only one…I never lost hope. Remember when you told me to stop praying for you? It happen almost an year ago. You said that the prayers can’t reach to the place where you’re going…

I’ll never forget. A dark night in November. The cold rain on my window and my ravished soul. My eyes hurting, swollen from too much crying. A wrong decision. No one knew, but that night changed my destiny. There, in the darkness of the night, with the cold rain on my face, one step from falling…I decided that I want to live.

And not even then…you were not a sinner. Just a lost child. I prayed someone will find you and bring you Home. So, sweet child, can you forgive a rose for needing the sunlight? Or should you judge the sunflower for turning its petals to feel more warmth? Will I blame the lost lamb for running into the arms of the shepherd? If I would, my child, it would mean I lived my 82 years in vain. And it would show my limited faith…My own lack of love…

I am in love. This innocent and yet powerful feeling is the brightest part of me. I treasure it, I keep it safe in my heart and I cherish it by being a better person. He sees the best in me, so I’ll give my best.

Sweet child, today I won’t absolve you from your sins…today I will give you my blessing. Love. Do good. Love more. And don’t forget me in your prayers…

Remember…Heaven is filled with souls that, here on Earth, were called “sinners”. And these beautiful sinners had one thing in common: their love was greater than any human judgement…


5 thoughts on “You are my heaven on earth…

    1. Thank you so much, you are more than an Empath…this beautiful light I’m feeling in your words is meant to shine bright and to heal…There are moments when I re-read your messages or I simply remember them and I feel so encouraged, so blessed…I know God works through His people and you’re one of them! Thank you and may this Light and Love you share shine brighter and brighter!

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      1. Thank you Claudia! I’ve had a few other people in my daily life say much the same thing about my healing words. I have begun to step my way into the ideas of healing energy etc. I just feel moved to always help others. I look forward to continuing to read your work, and getting to know you.

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