Back to that moment again…

When “I need to be strong” made no sense in your mind. It was okay to dream that someone will be strong for you. Your prince on a white horse, coming to rescue you from the noise and ambiguity around you.

And he would make everything crystal clear. For everyone around you, so their words would meet his armor of love and nothing would touch your heart. Only his love. He would carry you in his arms through all the battles. Your hero.

Remember, you used to be so kind. Compassionate and sweet. Fragile and yet so brave. Innocent and wise. Pure. Where are you, child of Light?

Back to that moment again…

I’m here…can you see me? Can you hear my voice? I’m the little girl in the white dress, chasing butterflies and laughing…This beautiful garden is my home…

And here…here are my dreams. They’re so vivid, so colorful, so bright! I can touch them! I can play and I can fly…Can you see my Paradise?

He’s with me. Our love is innocent and that’s its force. It moves mountains, it crosses oceans, it keeps us free…The river…can you see it shining? The water is pure Light and it’s crystal clear. We’re bathing our hearts in the river of life. Only love, he whispers…

Back to that moment again…

Clear your heart, go deep and set it free. No trace of hate…Rest there, let your soul find peace…Believe…Believe again…Love is a river of Light and you don’t need to be strong. You always was…In your deepest vulnerability, you had no fault. Their words left scars, deep scars but…look at your heart…it shines stronger than ever. Where are you now?

Back to that moment again…

My moment of innocence and I wont ever come back. This is home, this is me! 

She is the bravest girl I ever met. Not only because she overcame the trauma of a repeated abuse, not only because she chose life…She fell in love again. She believed.

And today, almost two years from our therapy session, she came to invite me to her wedding. A little white rose was attached to the soft paper. With a note saying…

Pure again. Believing again. In love. Back to that moment again, when God opened the door of Heaven for me…







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