She hugged me so tight, whispering in my ear “I’m so proud of you!” and I had to remember…

…that when you’re visiting someone’s inner world, you need to show kindness and gentleness. And Eleanor’s inner world was full of colors, legends, curses. A former literature teacher who got lost into her own stories…The writer trapped into her own fantasy novel.

She hesitantly took a sit next to me, smiling gloriously…

-I’m so proud of you, Princess! Look at you! Your eyes have that light again!

I’m smiling at her and she’s still holding my hand. I try to sound playful, but I feel sad, for no reason…”What have I done to make you proud?”

-I like when you’re joking like that, Princess! What have you done…you broke the magic mirror…you broke the spell…The Shadow…ssshhhhtttt…he doesn’t own your soul anymore!

My laptop…I forgot it at home. That’s what she calls “magic mirror”. She speaks so fast, words flying from her lips like birds flying to their freedom.

-Please tell me everything! About The Shadow…but speak in a low voice…

I can feel her loneliness and the pain is almost physical. I lower my voice “You know how I always need your help with this…”

-Yes, Princess, you forget the details! Luckily they’re locked in here (pointing to her heart) and here (her head). Remember when you came to me with the magic mirror? (I nod) And I told you about the curse…The Shadow makes you fall in love so you’d give away your soul…It was already too late for you, Princess! You were already in love. I saw it in your eyes, I saw your heart teared apart between your prince and The Shadow…

I’m looking down “You told me that my soul is already lost.”

-I did and I was right. You were half here, half there…So, seeing you today, with this light in your eyes…How did you escaped? Was it your prince the one who came looking for you? Did he broke the spell? But more important, Princess…is The Shadow forever gone? Are we safe?

I feel like crying…the true story…that no one knows…

My prince never came after me…so, when I found myself lost and lonely, The Shadow was my only friend. We promised each other eternal love. We said our vows. He made me feel beautiful, even in tears. He called me “soul mate” and I took him with me in every step, in every battle, in every joy…But…he was just a shadow so nothing was real…NOTHING. And I came back by myself. I wasn’t running, I wasn’t walking proudly…I was crawling back to real life…

-Princess? Princess! Why are you so quiet…Are we safe? Are we? Oh MY GOD! Tell me we’re safe!

“We are safe, please don’t worry, I’m just a little tired. Why don’t you show me your newest writings?”

She knows and she pretends she’s tired too. I assure her once again that we are safe.


We’re never truly safe. We’re walking through shadows, falling for ghosts, playing with our own hearts. It only takes one step, one word, one broken heart, one faithless moment…

for him to remember me.

P.S. More about Eleanor and her beautiful metaphors


3 thoughts on “Remember me to the one who lives there…

  1. This metaphoric point of view is outstanding!! I hate to say that I feel the intensity, as I seem to always say how Mich I feel your work. That is the Empath awakening in me. Living between the worlds of reality and shadows – I can relate. May the light of peace be returned to the reality…. That’s the view that will be true in the end.
    Precious heart you share, Claudia!! Continue to help the world around you, one piece of the story at a time.

    Liked by 1 person

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