She’s listening to his songs again and again.

She needs to be cradled, she dreams to be held. She imagines that he’s singing for her and she cries because of the song’s sad notes. Any moment now the music will stop and he’ll come back to her…

But he never returns. His eyes are empty, no expression, no sparks. And she hates him. No, hate was never the opposite of love. Not for her…She invented hate as a form of love, a disturbed, dark way for her heart to survive.

He doesn’t know because they speak different languages. She never got to learn his and he didn’t understood hers. Through screams, tears, hurt and resentment, they never sang together…

So she dies inside, every day a little more. She would have followed him to the darkness of hell,  just to bring him back home. If only…

Why can’t you see that I’m in love, why can’t you feel when I am hurting?

Some day…when this old piano will stop playing its sad notes…when the only music will be played through the beatings of our hearts,

You’ll see me standing there, tears streaming down my face, broken and lost,

Needing, craving, aching, lusting, dreaming…to be held

So, with sparks in your eyes, you’ll reach out to touch me…

But you see, my love…that’s not me, standing there…I’m long gone…

What you saw is just a mirror… your soul’s reflection. 





18 thoughts on “Homeless, hopeless, restless…(Why can’t you see that I’m in love?)

    1. Thank you for feeling with so much accuracy, your empathy is a great gift…The emptiness is, in my opinion, the opposite of love. Much more damaging than hate, anger or other negative feelings.
      May your beautiful heart be filled with Light always!

      Liked by 4 people

    1. Thank you so much, I’m deeply honored! I just read a few of your posts, you write amazingly, with so much talent, expressing so much of your heart, in such a beautiful way…
      I can’t wait to discover more of your writings, keep in touch!

      Liked by 3 people

  1. Such a beautiful post.

    Thank you for it.

    And thank you for reading my posts, too.

    I know I haven’t kept up on your posts lately, but I do appreciate all that you write.

    Liked by 2 people

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