She smiles all the time, even through tears, and I try to hide this salty water in my eyes. A river of little diamonds in her eyes, my own heart invaded by her light. I never saw her so beautiful, shining so bright. The “lady with the pigeons”, as I called her as a child, a sweet soul, always gentle, always kind and loving, always alone…

Do you see? Can you understand now how blessed you truly are? 

I do understand it in my mind…the heart is the one that never seems to have enough. But this isn’t about me, not now.

Have you missed someone so hard, so deep that it cuts through your soul and you know you’ll never be the same? Have you carried long conversations with him in your mind or have you ever smiled in the mirror, trying a new dress and imagining you’re wearing it for him?

A long distance relationship can make you live in an imaginary world, I know it too well. When you love so much, with everything in you…so much that it hurts…

You promise yourself you’ll be kind, sweet, generous…you’ll be the perfect woman for him. You remember your fights but you can’t recall the reasons behind them. And if you do, what sense do they have? He left. And the world is expecting from you to move on.

No…not the whole world. There will always be people willing to hold your hand and to listen to your stories. They will cry with you, they will say the right words. They will care.

I still love him. Even if he’s there, happy and free. He asks me, from time to time, how I feel and I never tell him the truth. But he knows somehow, I see it in his eyes, I feel it in his embrace. And one day we’ll be together and that day it’s close…so close! 

She looks up to the skies above.

Do you see that heart shaped cloud? Every time I talk about my feelings for him…There are signs everywhere, but we are too blind to see. So…what if I only talk to him in my mind? What if he only embraces me in my dreams? What if he’s there…in Heaven? We are still in love. 

She smiles through this hard story and I try to smile too. This golden ray of light that just appeared seems to gently touch her face and a white feather just laid on her palm, brought by a sudden warm wind.

See? Signs…It wont be long now…what’s a few weeks? I never cried, well…a little, when my hair fell down…but even there I knew I am loved. And I knew that I’m close. My love is waiting for me.

She asks me to come closer to her bed. She can’t talk loud, so she whispers. Her pain is visible but she wont let go my hand. Not until I’ll listen. Not until I’ll learn it by heart.

I wanted to see you because I have a message for you. A message from the place I’m going. And it’s important for you to know…

These days no one should be alone, no one should spend these precious moments turning love into drama and tragedy.  Our last days on this Earth…is not safe for any of us to wander by themselves…carrying their hearts like torches ready to burn everything around…

So, FORGIVE. And LOVE. Turn your brokenness into HOPE. Just…BELIEVE…

And she left. Sometimes, when I think of her, a white feather appears out of nowhere and the wind changes the shape of the clouds into big, white, fluffy wings…



28 thoughts on “Days like these, no one should be alone…

      1. I agree so much with you. We met last year and overwhelmingly I must say we live in two different continents. Did make sure that we saw each other thrice within the span of this one year. But on the brighter side with the blessed connectivity of internet we are keeping the flame brighter!

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      2. You know, I believe that a love like yours, even in two different continents, can be brighter and more beautiful and passionate than a relationship where, even together day by day, the two lost that flame. So, carry on and don’t let distance discourage you! Who knows what your future will bring? 🙂

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  1. Amazing my friend. While I do hear the story of the long distance relationship….I actually honed in on the one passing from this life. Hear her words, share her pain, embrace her passing. Learn the lessons that she shared….wow- what a piece of work Claudia!! Blessed writings my friend!!

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    1. Thank you, my dearest Sharon! A few years ago I had the opportunity to spend time with terminal patients. Some lessons touched me beyond words and, for a long time, I kept these stories in a hidden corner of my mind…afraid to go there and to face my own feelings. It seems that the right time to share was…right now 🙂
      P.S. I have to tell you something…you have such a wonderful and positive influence over me and, I believe, over the people around you! It’s beyond the things you write…it’s simply…the Light in you. Be blessed!

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      1. Thank you for your kind words my wonderful friend. If am I can make a positive difference for even just one person …maybe that only one is you…then I am fulfilling my very purpose!!! I do not consider myself a ‘religioua’ person as of late….but instead have focused more on being a ‘spiritual’ person. That, to me, has opened up my gifts….and allowed me to shine light for anyone in the dark…. May I always be a guide for their path!! Blessed hugs to you, sweet Claudia!!💕

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    1. Thank you so much, it means a lot! And your blog is so interesting, I love it! Well written articles, a warm written voice, inspiration, wisdom and experience, everything I discover on your site captures my interest and I’ll surely come back to read more.
      Have a wonderful day!

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