In the sweet candle’s light even the sound of music seemed to descend straight from heaven. And their love was visible, a halo of light…oh, how blessed was I just to be near them…

He was holding her hand with so much tenderness and she laid her head on his shoulder. He kissed her hair and they both laughed. And I knew I had to say something, just to prevent this magic from being broke.

-I’m so sorry for starring at you two…but you look so happy together. The way you look at each other, almost like you complete each other’s thoughts…I’m amazed and happy that a love like yours still exists!

They thanked me warmly and I knew I’m right. This love I’m seeing in front of me is real. True and honest. Unbreakable and pure. He will be there for her for an eternity. She will love him with all she has in her for more than a lifetime.

I wanted to ask them what’s their secret but I stopped. She was wearing the Miraculous Medal…is it faith? The guarantee that her love will remain untouched by time and sorrows…He was playing with a small fluffy heart that he bought for her, knowing she still adores soft toys. Then he saw the little red rose on the table and arranged the flower in her hair, smiling when she discovered his work of art…

So…is it tenderness? Keeping the inner child alive? Laughing together? Seeing the best in each other, no matter what? Saying I love you in more than one way? Even without words or especially without words? Is it…all?

Can we have it all? Just for a day? Like it was before?

He whispered something in her ear and she suddenly looked straight in my eyes. And I looked down, ashamed and frightened. But her voice spoke to my heart, like no other…

Why don’t you dance? Listen to this soft music, look at the stars above us, feel the warmth of so many white candles around us…Dance with him. Ask him to help you stand if you feel like falling…

-So…what nightmare did you had this time? You fell asleep for like…five minutes…and look at this pillow…all wet from your tears. What was it this time?

It wasn’t a nightmare, I had a vision. It was a message and I need…

-You have a sunstroke, not visions, not messages! No wonder you have nightmares, listen to this music, so loud…

-Listen to me, please. I went back in time and I saw us, when we were young…we were around 21…that vacation when you proposed me…remember? You bought me that fluffy heart? How could you forget? Remember how I was always wearing the Miraculous Medal and…remember that rose that you put in my hair?

-What rose…oh, my God…I almost forgot about it! The rose faded away and you were still wearing it…How could you dream such thing? It was…ages ago!

-I know! Listen to the music, it’s our song! I want to dance…

-Honey, you can’t even stand…

-Help me stand, please…Would you? 

And then…dance with me till the end of times. Even if I feel like falling. Especially then. Dance me back to life, all over again.



9 thoughts on “Would you help me stand?

  1. Oh to go back in time…to the love that was before. But time has altered it so much, there will be nothing like it again I am afraid. Dreams do become nightmares as the realization that true love has dissipated, regardless of the cause. Countless tears will forever stain the pillow, until one’s soul is empowered enough to know when to move on. Your writing always inspires me to think so much deeper than I normally would…or I guess I should say that it moves me emotionally to do so. May your work continue to flow freely through your hands, all of your thoughts becoming life. And may your soul be blessed my dear friend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Your intuition saw it so clearly and you expressed it so beautifully…going back in time is never easy because, sometimes, you see all those wonderful dreams waiting to be fulfilled and you know that, somewhere, along the line, you lost yourself…And true love is one of those dreams…
      But today, with the help of God, I chose to wipe away the tears and to start re-creating the broken bridge. My part…and we’ll see where it will lead me.
      Many blessings upon your beautiful heart and thank you! Your words gave me strength in a moment when everything seemed lost…Be blessed!

      Liked by 1 person

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