Do you love him? Are you happy…as happy as I was with her? Do you fall asleep with a smile? A smile I knew so well…

I hug him tight, trying to feel every heartbeat. A desperate attempt to silence the crying within our hearts. Two lost souls, both searching for peace. He lost her long ago. I’m losing him every day. Little by little, with every embrace I’m not sharing, with every tear I’m hiding away, with every “I love you” not meant to be his…

I remember her singing and laughing, she had the sweetest voice I ever heard. What was the last song that touched your heart? And the reason for your sweet laughter…can you remember…the last time you look into his eyes and smiled with all your heart?

I never laugh…and his songs don’t touch my heart anymore. Why is he singing? If no one listens…does he imagine that my heart still sings with him? That I’m still waiting?

I lost her when I stopped singing for her.

I lost him when I closed my heart to him.

I left her while she was so deeply in love with me.

I gave up on our love while he still believed we can make it.

Look at me…I’m the same boy you fell for…love him once again.

Look at me, the woman in me is still laughing and singing. But you can’t hear her, don’t you? And you don’t want her anymore…You miss…

I miss my girl.

I want my man.

We hardly remember each other. So, while our memories are still burning inside our souls…

Can we create new ones?


6 thoughts on “Do you love him as much as I love her?

  1. Oh to be in such different places….Far too often we are in love with the past, the way we remember things, or possibly the way we longed for them to be. What an unhappy way to live, it you can even call it living. It’s more like simply existing. There is always the hope that new sparks will develop among the damaged and lost hearts, and time is the only keeper of that knowledge…just be prepared for either outcome. Raise your soul to your spiritual guide….and rely on the faith that what is meant to be will work itself out. Beautiful, and somewhat sad, vision with this post…. but amazing writing as always my friend!!! ❤ hugs

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    1. Your words were the ray of light I needed…thank you. Sometimes, when memories shine brighter in our hearts than the reality of a lost feeling…we hold on to them. I still hold on…the process of letting go is sometimes much too painful…Thank you for seeing this, for reading deep in my heart…

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