Truth or Dare? Okay…don’t say I didn’t warned you! So, when was the last time you did it?

I looked at his playful, sparkling eyes and I started to laugh from the bottom of my heart. Like I didn’t laughed for years…

-Oh, God!!! Look at me, I cry from all this laughing! You made me cry!!!

Well…you’re also red like a tomato! Dirty mind! I was only asking about the last time you hugged your favorite toy! A toy…like a child’s toy, you know? Not what you imagine!

Without thinking, without analyzing, I found myself hugging him tight. So tight, like I was about to lose him…

-Right now! I’m the happiest child in the entire world! And I’m hugging my favorite toy!

Okay, kiddo…the toy feels pretty happy too…even if…a bit awkward being objectified like I’ve just been…Nooo! Don’t let go!

-I wish…

A part of me just wanted to say the words. But that part…never wins. That part of me brought me here…and still, it never wins.

That was a good start. You wish. And now…tears. Don’t cry! Anything you wish, it’s yours! 

-Can I make a list?

Only if you stop crying.

How do I tell him, without breaking the magic? How do I say the words? No…

I know…it makes me cry too…almost. But I never cry, just like you never stop playing your role. You’re always on the stage, the lights are on you and you’re charming! The curtains never fall and when they do…you just pretend you’re still on the stage. So that you can continue playing…

-You’re hurting me.


-You just called me “fake”!

I called you “desperate”…

-Whatever…I was wrong to come here. You know nothing about me. Nothing!

I know what you wish…

-Really? Let’s see…

You wish you could love him. Just like you pretend, in your every waking hour. Just like you play it…so damn well, with so much talent and dedication. Don’t worry. Lights are still on. Go back to the stage, the public is waiting. With standing ovations.

I woke up. The bed was empty. So was my heart.




6 thoughts on “With standing ovations!

  1. We all try to live up the wish of the perfect love and life….and it is crushing when it falls apart. We put on that façade for the world to see, so that they think everything is still perfect while we live with the memories of the way it was. We do strive for the standing ovation. But reality will settle in, and we finally learn to let go, and move on…..

    Your writing is always so prophetic…. and makes me think very deeply about my own life. Keep up the amazing work my friend!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So true…sometimes we’re so deep in our role play that we just forget how to be ourselves. But the curtains will always fall…at some point. And that’s exactly the moment when we start growing and evolving emotionally. Because there’s no other way but up! To the sky and beyond it if we set our hearts to ☺
      Many blessings upon you, my wonderful friend! ❤


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