Her eyes were lost somewhere, far away…in a world I couldn’t see. Not anymore. Her trembling hands were cold, too cold. Too pale.

“She’s already gone…that’s why we called you. Her last words were “Call the princess. Tell her to bring the magic mirror” and then she entered in this catatonic state…We’re losing her. So we thought…considering the connection between you two…”

Sister Isabel was almost crying. I knew how she cares for Eleanor…and the guilt kept growing inside my heart, like a huge shadow. I encouraged her to tell me the story…and now she’s trapped in the same story she created so beautifully…

A story where I’m The Princess…in love with The Shadow. A story of passion. He wants me so he destroys me. He speaks of eternity and serenity and faith but he creates wars inside me. So I fight. The rebel in me finally awakens and I come back home. A hero. A brokenhearted hero…

-I’m here, Eleanor…can you feel me holding your hand?


Was it real or was it just my imagination?

-How do you feel? Sister Isabel told me you don’t want to eat…we’re all so worried…Eleanor…

Magic. Mirror.

That’s how she named my laptop. In a world where technology brings us closer…she felt alienated. She felt unsafe. Knowing that a window to another world can open anytime…

-It’s only me and I miss your stories. I miss your poems. I miss you. We all do…

Shadows. Are. You. Real? Real? Real?

The nurse tells me that she needs rest and she hears. I see tears on her face and it makes my heart ache. She repeats the echos in her mind.


-We’re all real and we all care for you. You are safe. Sister Isabel watched over you every day and I came as soon as she called me. Please tell me how can I help.

Her body suddenly stiffens and I see her fighting. I see her trying to stand. I hear her voice, weakened but still strong.

I had to cross the bridge, Princess. I had to meet the Shadow. I looked into his dark, cold eyes. He looked back and now my soul is frozen. And I’m back but I’m not back. I’m here and I’m there. And he wants you to know. He wants you to feel. You belong to him. We are all shadows…

She shakes her head so violently and her voice is unrecognizable.

No, don’t bring me back. I want to be where silence is stronger than pain. Princess…when you chase your illusions, he knows what you’re really longing for…

To believe the lies and to fall into the deception. And it’s only natural for the shadow that you are. But don’t…We need you to rise. For LOVE.

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