(When even love seems out to harm you?)

When the inner storm is wilder than any hurricane?

(We used to love each other’s imperfections…

And  I used to feel safe to open up, even about my darkest thoughts.)

How do I stop myself from building a wall around me?

How do I even try to be myself?

(I am imperfect and I am human and I just died inside once again!

And this tremble became unstoppable and beyond control.

And I’m cold, so cold…)

So please tell me…how do I keep an open heart?

How do you do it?

And I just hugged her. I have no answers, nothing that would keep her dreams alive. I only know that we, humans, have an extraordinary gift. It’s called hope. And hope is what keeps our hearts open. This is all I know…

So…to all the oversensitive hearts out there…to the black sheep, to the one that never quite fits in…to the inappropriate and the rebel…to the ones they call “losers”…to the fool and the uncool…to YOU and to ME…

My message is a clear and simple one:


Stay blessed.





2 thoughts on “How do you keep an open heart?

  1. Always needed to hear…it does get very hard to keep that open heart sometimes. The anxiety, the fear, takes over and causes the mind to race…What did I do wrong? How could I have been so stupid? Could I have done anything differently??

    Warm hugs to you my friend, and anyone else who needs one. Sometimes it only take a hug to start to mend the pieces back together..

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  2. Thank you, my dear friend! Sometimes, it takes all the courage in the world just to open up…and keeping an open heart seems just a foolish risk to take…still, this is our only chance to grow…emotionally and spiritually. And a lesson we keep learning over and over again.
    Warm hugs and prayers for love and light upon you!

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