The old priest was sitting by the water, beside me. He had a hard time walking with me me so far from the church and I could see the tormented look on his eyes.

-Sometimes I feel like I’m shouting in vain. They see me, but they can’t hear. They hear, but they don’t listen. Just like speaking a different language. So this is your answer. I came here, following you into your world because I was shouting in vain…

I couldn’t help but smiling at him.

-I wasn’t running from you, not for a second. And I surely wasn’t running from my faith. I just…

-You needed time and space, so that your heart could get stronger.

-You know the past five years…

-I know. A fight after another. Storms, wars, victims, loneliness, hurt. You tried to stay strong and you did it well, but…

-I fought for the wrong things. At first, I fought for his love, against him. That’s so absurd…but back then I didn’t saw it that way. I tried to break his walls, but I only broke my heart.

-And then you wanted freedom. A new love. A new life. You fought for all these and you won…

-And they were all fake! Because they were build on resentments, hurt pride, revenge and anger.

-So all you wanted was peace. You searched for it in all the wrong places. And when you finally found it inside you…you denied it.

-I’m not worthy…

-That’s why I had to come here. I need to tell you…and tomorrow it might be too late.

-Too late?

-You’re not only worthy, but you’re also worth fighting for. Lights and shadows upon you, day and night, choices and regrets, the balance is so fragile! And you are so precious, that every one of your tears can make the difference…

Thank you…

-No, don’t thank me, I’m not worthy. The Creator of these precious hearts, just like yours, the One behind all these carriers of light…He’s the one to be grateful to…

One more thing. The most important.

Now, that you have the peace you were longing for…

Now, that you have the love you always wanted…

Now that your dreams are finally coming true…

What will you fight for? And whom will you dedicate your restless, hopeless, endless struggles?



12 thoughts on “You are worth fighting for!

  1. Such a good point…once we heal ourselves – just who do we fight for? We have this need to fix things, even if they aren’t really broken. How do ever truly find peace and happiness if we are constantly looking for struggles. Sure, the struggles may not be our own, but they still involve our heart and soul.

    Many, many years ago in my journey, I had build up such expectations of what life would be like….that when it was nowhere near that reality, I began looking wherever I could to try and find that perfect love, that perfect life, etc. It was only when it completely broke me back down to my rawest emotions that I began to rebuild myself to who I am today.
    Hold strong to the faith that has brought you to this point!! It will see you through, even in the darkest of days.

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    1. There’s always a risk when you faced a long period of struggles, sadness, crying…and the risk is that you start defining yourself in these terms. So, when the healing begins, something in us just refuses the change in better because…”who am I without the pain?”
      I know you’ll have to answer to that question (we all do) first for yourself, then for the people you’ll help on this blessed path you took.
      My heart is with you, every moment.
      I’m amazed and proud of you and I feel it in every one of your articles: you become what you are meant to be! ❤
      Many many hugs and love!

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  2. I stopped by just to tell you how amazing are your writings and how powerful and inspired they make me feel. They remind me how blessed I am. And you are blessed too. With your writing, with your mind, and with you. You are right. You are completely worthy. You have the right to sit back and relax.
    Thank you,

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    1. The priest is very real. My confessor and (I might say so) my spiritual guide. In a moment when I gave up on myself, feeling unworthy (after so many failing moments) he reminded me that I’m precious to my Creator. So…if He never gave up on me…how would I?
      So yes…it is about a spiritual growth…and, as metaphoric as ot may sound, that dialogue was very real. I’m blessed to (still) have him in my life.
      Thank you, with all my heart, for your words and for reminding me of that moment of growth ❤

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