I’m standing right in front of him, lights on me, the crowd is calling out my name and I forgot my lines…

“Hurry home, I need you!”

His whispered words bring shivers down my body…he wont find out about this power he has on me. I will play it brightly, I will fool my crazy heart…

“My love, my soulmate, till this world will fall apart…and after…”

People are waiting for my line. I don’t have one. But I have this tremble on my fingers when I’m touching his. He’ll blame it on my fears. I play the insecure part almost too perfect. So he wont find out that my feelings have the strength of a hurricane…

“Where there’s love, we’ll find hope. And this hope will get us through time. Until we’ll fly free, where there are no constrains, no borders, no boundaries.”

My inner voice is shouting. Say something, anything! And I can’t…And I want the curtain to fall, this show shall not go on…

“Come to me, my love. Our embrace was our home, it still is. Hurry back into my open arms!”

I’m standing right here, where are the lights? Where is everyone?

Where are you?

I’m sorry for forgetting so easily. I’m sorry for not saying it in time. I regret this silence between us. Forgive me for being so proud, so foolish, so frightened.

I played it the wrong way. I thought is a game of power. I thought I’m supposed to win.

It was one single line. How could I? Here I am, My Love, shouting out loud in the darkness of this cold, wild world. Take me back…

I love you too.



20 thoughts on “Take it easy on my heart…

    1. A lost love leaves an empty place. Sometimes all we can do is sit there for one moment and let our hearts speak their pain. Then we go back to the place we call home, wherever and whatever that is…You make me meditate, my dear friend and that’s wonderful, warm hugs and many blessings upon you!

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  1. Deeply emotional. Touching the very core. When love is so true and strong, feelings are so hard to conceal. Most times, you just have to let it flow.

    I really enjoyed reading this lovely post. Do have a great week ahead.😄🌷

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, I’m touched by your words! True love shines through the silence of a stoned heart, breaking every power game that people may ever invent. And with so much light within…it’s a shame that people remain blind…afraid to look deeper.
      Thank you for reading and liking my post and for being the wonderful person that you are!

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      1. So true, Claudia. Most people have lost hope on love. Maybe due to some ugly episodes. Though it hurts, but I still think people need to learn their lessons, let go of the ugly episode, and try to give love another chance, because loving is living. It’s just so beautiful and full of light and positive energy. How can anyone even imagine living without it.

        You’ve got such a beautiful and warm heart. I’m so glad to meet you here. Do have a lovely day!🌷

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