DBl8EVwXUAIkIp4Remember my dream? The one I’ve told you about in a sunny morning, with a bright smile and starry eyes, reflecting the best that my heart had to offer. To you…

I was playing with a little angel. Feeling free, feeling careless and powerful, like a child. Being a child again, in my heart. Feeling innocent, pure, playful and sweet…

And the little angel took a ball of light and threw it to me. I catch it, I did…”Take it, it is yours!” And he laughed and spread his wings and left me there, on the green field, with my soul full of light. I played with the ball of light until my arms were tired. And I just knew…I held it tight, close to my heart until all the light became a part of me…

The ball had an incredible blue color. Blue like oceans. Green like the forests of the earth. Brown like the mountains and white like the purest snow. I was holing The Earth in my arms…

Remember how you said that I’m blessed with a power so beautiful in its fragility…And I said that the only power I ever wanted was the power to touch your heart. Your oceans-away-heart…

You told me that I’m the queen of your heart…

Where are you tonight, my king?

I’m trying so hart to imagine you happy, surrounded by a loving family, with someone holding your hand, talking sweet little things. I’m trying so hard to imagine you happy in love.

I try and I fail.

Remember how, so many times, the little girl in me found a refuge in you. Your kindness, your forgiveness, your love…my wings. The door to my heart was wide open and you said…

You said I’m your Garden of Eden. Your EVE. 

Why are we submitted to the same errors over and over again? Your Eve swore she’ll never get near the tree of knowledge. She felt the cold air of damnation and pulled you closer, holding so tight on your soul, suffocating you, asking more and more, demanding a prove, a sign…

Forgive me. It was out of love.

Remember the final part of my dream?

Before flying away, the little angel became suddenly serious: “It’s yours. Just be careful what you do with it…”

Here I am, living my time on Earth, the best way I can. There’s nothing to wait for, so I live every moment the way it is. Without your love. Sometimes I feel so lost, so sad and alone and I want you to know…

You were right. And you were loved.

More than my words could ever say…









31 thoughts on “I wonder where you are tonight…

  1. There’s a long distance train hauling through the rain with tears on the letter I write
    There’s a woman I long to touch cos I’m missing her so much
    But she’s drifting like a satellite
    Bob Dylan, Where are you tonight

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    1. “The truth was obscure, too profound and too pure, to live it you have to explode
      In the last hour of need, we entirely agreed, sacrifice was the code of the road…”
      Amazing song, thank you for reminding me these meaningful lyrics. And thank you liking and following my blog, I feel honored!

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      1. Cheers… I have ridden the waves of Royal Britannia a while as have my family for some generations. It is all about bringing the balance back and the Battle of Evermore.
        Those who get around stay around 🤠

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  2. This is amazing…. It is like you took a chapter out of my life, and wrote about it. In my weakest moments, my thoughts drift back in time. The words we said, the feelings I thought were real, the love I felt followed by the eternal hole in my soul that will never again be filled. Thank you my friend, for writing such a beautiful piece!!

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    1. Oh, my wonderful and dearest Sharon, the empath in you saw it through again…This chapter…mu heart hurt to take it out and I cried many tears to write about it…but that’s part of the healing too…
      My amazing friend, my heart is with you and you’re in my thoughts every day. You’re incredibly strong and loving, I feel blessed for even knowing you. Never forget, I’m just a mail away when you need me ❤️


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