cimg2331“The abandoned church seems like the perfect place to take a group of tourists and to just leave them there, right? With kids and everything. Look at the fog outside, thick, white and sticky like milk! There’s no way we can walk back to the village!”

I heard their rumors and I saw the anxiety in their eyes, but somehow, I was feeling in peace. A feeling…almost like being home. The medieval fortified church kept its walls intact but there was a certain darkness. And the fog outside amplified it.

We arrived here, like so many other tourists before us, in carriages pulled by horses. And, just like in movies, the horses refused to get near the medieval church, so our boots were now full of mud. Kids found this very funny, so they were running and hiding in every corner, searching for ghosts. And I…

Well, I decided for myself to break a certain rule. The “forbidden for visitors” rule. Since they abandoned us here, we’re more than visitors…so, why not? The “forbidden” stairs, “due to safety reasons” seemed pretty safe to me…So, one step leads to another and here I am.

A dark corridor full of rust and dust…Black shadows and a broken bench…A window, but no sun shining through. I’ll just sit here, on the broken bench, saying a little prayer…

What are you praying for?

My heart just jumped in scare. What is she doing here? A child-actor, in medieval clothes, probably hired by the organizers to increase the authenticity…

I’m still trembling like a leaf and she seems amused by the whole situation.


(Oh, right, she’s playing a medieval girl)

-Who are you? We’re not allowed to climb here. You look funny.

(Be sweet and gentle, she’s just a child)

-Greetings…I love your dress! It looks authentic. How old are you?

She starts to laugh.

-You talk so funny! I don’t know your words! I’m nine. I’m from the village.

-Oh, I spend the Christmas there! I’m with the group of tourists, we visited a few medieval fortified churches, but this one is the oldest…

She’s suddenly so serious.

-Are you coming in peace?  “Tourist” is the name of your village? You seem kind, how about the others? The ones before you,the villains, took my sister and burned our house. We sleep in the church now.

(I know is just a role, but she plays it so well! Should I play along? Or just ignore her and go back to the others?)

-We’re all kind and decent people. But what you’re telling me is terrible!

-Tell me about your village!

(My village…the big city with so many lights…my lonely heart ran away from my village…)

-Well…it’s a nice village…but not as beautiful as yours!

Is it peace there?

-Yes, we live in peace. And we have a big church with many beautiful, colorful paintings on the walls…

-And you have food every day?

(I swear I can see tears in her eyes! No, this is not just a role)


-Bread? I love bread…

-Bread and fruits…and…hey, do you want an orange?

(She takes a step back and I instantly regret my gesture…)

-I don’t trust you! You talk strange. Are you trying to poison me? And you didn’t not told me what are you doing here! Here in my village!

-You know, I’m here because…every year, around Christmas, I get sad. Very sad. Nothing helps me with this sadness. So, I found this place…where I can hide away, I can pray and find peace…

She’s starring at me and, for a moment, I’m afraid she didn’t understood my words…

How can you get sad? You have peace in your village. A big church with paintings. Bread every day. A home where you can sleep. You must be blind not to see all these!

I heard them calling my name. It looks like the carriages are back.

-I have to go…

She vanished like thin air. I hear her steps somewhere along the black corridor. Her smile filled the air with little golden sparks…

“Hey, I almost fell asleep here…You know, there’s something in the air, it makes you feel dizzy, right? At least the fog is gone! So, this was the famous abandoned church. Full of ghosts…What a great story to tell (to naive tourists just like ourselves)! They should have, at least, hired an actor to bring a bit of authenticity…”


I hear their rumors as I rush down stairs. I need to hug my children. I need to tell them how much I love them. I need to say “Thank you, God!”

For the peace I’m living in…

For my daily bread…

For the love of my family…

For the faith in my community…

For every friend I made in this big, wild, crazy world…

For healing my blindness.



10 thoughts on “So maybe I’m just blind…

    1. I wish you could have been there too, I know you have a sensitive heart that resonates to these echoes of history…I will certainly return and explore more of Transylvania, I will touch those medieval walls and meet their shadows again…
      Thank you, my dear Roger, for appreciating my writings and for being here ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, I’m honored! I’m a huge fan of your writings! The church in the picture is the medieval fortified church of Boian (Transylvania) and when you’re there, touching the walls, the energy you feel is so intense, so deep, so real beyond any doubt…I made the promise to return and to write about it.
      Your comment brightened my day, thank you with all my heart! 🙏❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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