preview16I said the words in whole honesty because there are things you cannot lie about. Fears you cannot hide from. I admitted in front of God, right before taking this path into the dark alley…

I said “God, I’m afraid of 2018. I’m frightened! Because 2017 was like a hurricane and I’m surprised I got to hide so efficiently. A storm after another, so I stayed safe. Hidden. Now, without a hiding place, what if the wild winds will tear apart my weakened heart?”.

Then I woke up on the dark alley, lost. The sweet sounds of music and the beautiful colors made my heart rush in joy. I am saved! Where there’s music, there are people! I wont be lonely anymore! So here I am…


Hey, am I the only one seeing the angel? Am I the only one seeing YOU?

It seems so. 

And why does this jukebox play the same song over and over again?

Because you never truly listen, do you?

And why are you here?

To take your hand and to guide you into your story. 

The jukebox plays its sweet notes while I see…I see myself in his arms. The bitter-sweet nostalgia overwhelms me and…that’s how the hurricanes always start. Because I never seem to give in! I fight and I scream and I beg and I curse for something I’ll never have again in my life!

Please stop.

Not until you understand.

What? Why?

The lesson. To forgive him and to forgive yourself. Love has so many forms, so many ways. Who are you to put it into a pattern? Do you want to be loved or do you simply look for the perfect picture? 

I look down. The angel is right. I will embrace the love the way it is!

The song goes sweeter and I see me, exactly the way I look now, holding my children tight in my arms. There is so much love in our eyes. This is my Heaven…

Don’t…don’t let it fade away. What is the lesson now? How could it be anything wrong in this image of love?

Can’t you see? Open your eyes. 

I don’t understand. They are my life!

Exactly. And life is so much more! You live through them and that’s not fair. Your lesson is clear and simple. Allow yourself to be happy. Accept who you are, the whole you! The mother, the daughter, the wife, the woman…

It’s not that simple.

I know. That’s why I’m taking you further into your story. Are you ready for the future?

I see myself standing by the jukebox. I’m serene, with a peaceful smile on my face. Alone. So this is it? This is my future?


What kind of an angel are you? Take me back! My biggest fear is loneliness and you knew it! This future is a nightmare and I can’t understand why am I smiling! I should be crying…

When are you going to BELIEVE? Just a little…

I see people coming, from all around me. Smiling, dressed in white, carrying the light blue of the sky in their eyes.

Who are they? Am I surrounded by angels?

They’re your friends. People like you.

They seem nice, but I don’t know them…

Still, you prayed for them. You guided them into light and love through your prayers and good thoughts. And you gave them your heart.

My heart? I guided them? I’m not that pure and my faith is not that strong…

This is your lesson. Every human being was given a special gift. A special power to shine. Only that…you cannot shine unless your gifts are intertwined. 

Because our hearts are intertwined…

If you only knew the power of your intertwined hearts, there would be no more fears, no more wars, no more loneliness…

I’m back to the dark alley, but now I see lights shining bright on my way. I don’t need to hide anymore, I don’t need to fear. As long as my little light can shine for others to see it, I know you’ll see me too…




22 thoughts on “Because our hearts are intertwined…

  1. A lovely way to look at the future that the Lord has for you. Just remember that the Lord will only show us a small glimpse, like looking at a scene through frosted glass. To see things that He has shown you come true is awesome and also scary. I’m not sure what this year will hold for me but as long as you are in it I think I can make it. xxoo

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  2. Thank you so much for sharing your heart in such an honest way. I felt every single word; your hurt, pain and loneliness but also your hope and joy for the future. Keep trusting.
    Praying God’s blessings on you and yours for 2018.
    Hayley 😊💕

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  3. This has got to be the most amazing thing I have read in quite some time. The fear of loneliness, while it’s something that we all face…if you surround yourself with the right people – you will overcome that fear. You can make decisions, move forward toward changes, but you will never be alone. My dear friend, since we first started connecting I have felt such an inspirational pull to you. You have become intertwined into my heart. I pray for you almost daily, that happiness will find you. And I mean TRUE happiness. Not that mask that we so often put on for the world around us. Through our conversations, our similarities have grown to be such a comfort for me. I understand your words, I feel your fears, I celebrate your joys. I pray that 2018 will be a year that you don’t hide from. Allow your beautiful light to continue to shine for all those around you. Never feel like you have to go through anything alone. I have missed our mails lately, and have feared that you have withdrawn to a place of fear….of the loneliness that you speak of here. Be blessed my sweet friend…. Love to you always

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    1. My dearest Sharon, your words are the light I was so desperately searching tonight. When I wrote this post, I was thinking of you and how you became such a precious part of my life.
      Our hearts and thoughts are truly intertwined, I just wrote you a mail 🙂 I just needed a little time to “recover” after holidays. It wasn’t an easy time…and I need to look at it the without any mask. I’m slowly getting out of the fog 🙂
      Hugs and many blessings to you, dearest friend ❤

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      1. The Honor is all mine!! Your blog is so amazing! I am glad to find it!! Loving the emotions and the way you give details!! 😍
        And thank you for following me as well! Hope to keep amazing you ☺️☺️

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