4619299022He stops the car into the emptiness of the dead field. It used to be all green and beautiful, filled with colorful flowers and dancing butterflies. 

I must have said it in a loud voice, because he has a bitter laugh.

“Yeah…and this car used to be functional. And you used to be more supportive, more positive about things…Life changes, babe…Eh, well…let’s see if I can fix it, or we’re going to spend the night here on this damn field!”

The tiny mirror from the car reflects my tired eyes. I’m tired of wasting dreams…

Why can’t we ask for help?

He ignores me, but I know the answer, I saw it too many times…this pride is killing our love through resentments and vanity. And maybe he’s right, I should be more supportive…

The lights are blinding me and I can’t see who’s in that other car. What are they doing here? Will they stop to help us or maybe to take us back to town? But the other car doesn’t stop, they’re driving in circles around us.

What’s wrong with these people, can’t they see we need help?

Someone from the other car opens the door while they’re still driving. He’s throwing something towards us…

Broken glasses. A stone…

Another one.

Screams and blood and smoke.

How could they? We’re hurt and alone, defenseless and frightened. What kind of people don’t stop to help us?

“People like you and me, babe. Very skilled in criticizing and throwing stones at each other. Let’s hear, tell me how I destroyed your life once again!”

I remember how it all started. We were fighting and I said the words. I blamed him for destroying my life. And we just got lost, loosing track of time, forgetting our common destination.

He comes to me and breaks the car’s door with bear hands. Savage hands. I need these hands to embrace me, to give me strength, to comfort and to save me. He touches me and I froze, knowing now…we wont survive this time…


He stops the car and we’re in the middle of the dead field. Was it a nightmare, or the nightmare is just about to begin? He cups my face and the warmth in his eyes is melting down all of my fears.

“I need to fix this.”

“No, please, don’t go out. Something horrible is going to happen, I’ve seen it all before…”

But he’s already gone and I’m breaking down in tears.

A gentle, delicate smell and a tender touch…

images“A flower? Here? On the dead field?”

He smiles.

“This flower survives even the most terrible winters. See how fragile she is? And still so strong, just like you. Just like us. She survives cold, loneliness, desperation. Our love is longing to be saved and we’re the only ones…”

I prayed for a hero, I was longing to be saved…

I know it now. Every prayer is listened, even when the answer is right under our eyes…






20 thoughts on “Longing to be saved…

    1. I’m honored that my words touched your heart. It’s about…love. About marriage, family, faith. Our values and their fragility in the modern world. About destroying instead of building and then…asking for help in the wrong place.
      And finally…is about the answer that’s right under our eyes. How else can a love survive, if not through faith, hope and our Lord’s blessing? ❤
      I'm a bit surprised myself of how it turned out, was planning a bit different, so I guess it was meant to be 🙂

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  1. The darkness in the nightmare… The bitterness in his words…That’s what I feel so strongly. We try so hard to want fix what is broken, regardless of how it got that way. It could have even been by our own hand…or words, yet we want to be the hero to turn around and save it. Life is so full of complications. There is no guide book, and far too often we break it beyond repair.

    Powerful words here my friend!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sometimes love can be so frail, a little shimmering light in the deepest darkness. Not just romantic love…any sweet feeling, any good intention, any purpose…We get lost in the search for something big, grandiose, shining…and we find ourselves in the darkness, clinging onto that little light.
      My dearest Sharon, thank you so much for feeling beyond words…May that little light always stay strong in your life. May it become shinier day after day, so that many others would cling to it when they’re lost.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I am very lucky and very blessed for having you here ❤️ And, believe me, seeing a comment from you is like opening a present in the Christmas morning 😊 That’s how I feel, that’s the joy you bring!
      Many blessings and the warmest hugs for you!


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