Here I am, at the gates of your castle…

“I faced storms and demons, devils and snakes. Please let me in, my King…”

But the walls are just too high and you can’t hear me calling…

Still, here I stand…

“I learned skills and ways, abilities you never imagined…just to catch your eyes. Please look at me, my Love…”

But the light shines too bright and your eyes got tired…

And I’m still knocking on a closed door…

“I died inside and I became new, I broke down and I rose above the ashes. Please love me, my Everything…”

But hearts don’t rise up these days, they just survive a continue, endless fall…

So I died once again.


What touched you so deeply? What moved you so intimately? What was the key?

The smell of burning wings…you said.

The sound of reborn…you whispered.

A heart shaped tear, more precious than a mountain of diamonds…you smiled.

Still, the gates remained closed in the face of my prayers.

So I climbed the walls. And I broke the chains. I flew with the wind and I fought the monsters inside me. I ran to you, I awaken your weary eyes and I demanded what’s mine.

Your love.

Here I am, at the gates of your castle. Would you let me in? To hold you endlessly…in my heart.



15 thoughts on “I’ll be holding you…endlessly…

    1. I’m honored…sometimes, when words are hard to find and we feel something we cannot explain, that special something can open a door. To ourselves, to the pain and the love buried deep inside us. Thank you for seeking that door, thank you for seeing it beyond words!

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      1. Well, I guess today is a day full of doors then. So many things are so clear, but there are no words to express them. I just keep hoping that it will lead to a power blog post at some point.

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      2. Thank you, I’m honored! And I’m a huge fan of horror stories , movies and other scary stuff, so I’m looking forward to read more on your blog! Thank you for following me! 🙏💛

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      3. Thank you very much! I am just doing this out of fun. I’m hoping to also invite other people to share their experiences with horror on my website as well. If you’re ever interested in sharing your favorite horror stories or anything of that sort you’re welcome to it. Let me know. I’m hoping that my site will become a community.

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  1. My castle gates were strong and high but you shattered them,
    my fears ans doubts were many but you scattered them.
    Free my chains of iron but do not break me,
    Pray to our God Most High and you may take me.

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    1. This is amazing, Roger, thank you! The image of the ironed chains…so powerful, so haunting…With God’s help they will become useless. True love has the power of setting ourselves free…
      Wonderful reply to my little fantasy-metaphor of love…Thank you! 🙏❤️

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