32803-xlI hugged him even tighter, almost afraid that I might lose him in this crowded, colorful place. “I guess we came where we were supposed to…” he said, but the loud music covered his voice. Masks, laughs, lights, colors…his blue eyes looking through me, beyond me. Starring at the beautiful ballerina and her dance partner, he seemed to forget I’m there too…

I took my eyes from him for just a second, following a playful little light…and he was gone, like he would have been just a romantic fantasy of mine…

She fell. The beautiful ballerina fell. And, in that terrible, dramatic moment, the music stopped. All the masks turned to watch her crying in agony. All of them, forming a big, thick, dark wall around her. I can’t see her, but their voices…oh, how loud…Oh, how cruel!

-What a fool, to fall like this! I thought she’s better than this!” (the woman wearing the crown)

“-She has no dignity to cry like that, in front of us all!” (the lady with the long black dress)

“-And she ruined the party! What a selfish, self-centered brat!” (the old couple)

“-He pushed her intentionally! All men are the same! Aggressors, liars, cheaters!” (the two women dancing with each other)

“-No, it’s only her fault! For being weak, for allowing him to abuse her!” (the man with high voice)

“-Poor girl, you broke your leg. But I understand you…We, women, would do anything for love!” (the middle age woman with a broken rib)

“-She needs to find and to heal the deep pain that made her stay in an abusive situation…” (the therapist)

“-Not at all! She needs a man in her life, a real man! To take care of her needs.” (the man with the black mask)

“-What she needs is to follow her man, to ask God for wisdom when he treats her…not so delicately. ” (the medieval priest)

“-So, where was God when she got hurt? Nowhere, right? She needs to live her life, to enjoy the present because that’s all she has!” (the atheist)

“-Here, take these pills! You’ll be free of pain!” (the trembling-hands woman)

“-Hahaha, you fools! She’s just pretending! Look at her, she’s just desperate for attention!” (the cruel-voice clown)


I really had no choice, but to push them away. To give her my coat and to help her stand. To open my eyes.

sad_ballerina_new_image_color_expression_hd-wallpaper-1576313-540“Leave me alone…you…all of you!”

They left. What remained was the pain. And him, standing beside me.

-Why did you pushed me?

-I did not.

-Don’t lie. It hurts more than the wound itself.

-Baby, I did not. I fell and I dragged you with me.

-Why didn’t you let me go when you felt like falling.

Tears rolled down from his blue eyes.

Because I love you too much to let you go.

She’s a fool, in love with another fool. She knows it and still, she’ll follow him to the moon and back. Because she loves him too much to let him go.


10 thoughts on “She’s in love with another fool…

    1. True! 💛 The vulnerable part of us will always be looking for stability and familiarity, for a safe place. Not easy to believe in more when all you had was less…
      Thank you for your message and for reading, my wonderful friend!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. This story came to me a a vision, I remember how I ran home to write it, how I tried to give an “identity” to the voices that usually surround every crisis, every falling…I’m honored and happy beyond words that you like it!


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