You don’t know how it feels, but I do. Oh, Lord, how I learned through tears of blood and excruciating pains! So you’re going to stay right here, without a single word, without moving a single muscle. And don’t you dare to cry now. The tears are all mine.

I’m staying, alright…where am I supposed to go anyway?

I murdered it with my bare hands. The hands that held you, turned into a weapon. How does it feel? It wasn’t a feeling of greatness, I wasn’t feeling all mighty. It humbled me, it crushed me to see it fighting for a breath of air. For a glance of hope. And no, you’re not allowed to have this shocked expression on your face. Not this time. You made me do it, so take your part of guilt and responsibility.

I had to, what was I supposed to do? It was destroying my life.

Yeah, I imagined it did. So you had no choice but to turn me into a murderer. Did you enjoy it? The light you saw and loved in me, turned into cruel lightnings. The passion turned into desperation. But let me tell you something…it did not die in peace. It struggled to survive. I killed it more than once. Endlessly. And it kept coming back to life. No, you wont have a panic attack this time. You have to hear it.

The right choice and the right path…we should be proud of ourselves. Right?

I buried it alive. And then I had to listen to its agony every single night. Do you know that I heaven’t slept in years? Do you know that my nightmares are haunting me even now, as we speak? Do you know why?

How am I supposed to know? 

Because TRUE LOVE never dies in peace.


No matter how much you try to push it into the friend zone.


No matter how you lie to yourself that you made the right choice.


No matter how weak you feel for your passionate desires.

I swear…

No matter if your heart is an open wound that will keep bleeding till you take it to its grave.

I swear I never…

No words! This is my turn to speak. May you be cursed with TRUE LOVE. May your body and mind have no rest until you revive it. May your nights be sleepless until you make this dream come true.

I swear…

Don’t swear, you don’t know what sacred means until you’ll look into the deepest of your soul and you’ll see love dying in vain…

Stop it, shut up and listen! I’m brave because you made me brave. I’m strong because you made me strong. I’m alive because you brought me back to life. And I swear…

…I never ever stopped loving you. Nor I will…




11 thoughts on “Before our hearts go to their graves…

    1. I used to think and to say the same…till recently when my soul discovered that true love is inside me. This love knows no boundaries, no time limits, no prejudices. It was given to me ever since I know myself and when I’ll die, this light will continue to shine, to love and to protect.
      May this love create a shelter around you when you’re tired and sad or even you need a shoulder to cry on. You have my friendship and my admiration, my wonderful Roger!


      1. I feel that someone on the other side of the world is putting that kind of love inside of me, slowly but surely. When, I hold her in my arms and we can look into each others eyes then we will both know for sure that the Lord has given us to each other. Thank you for your friendship, you always know what to say when i need it the most. ❤

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