This post is dedicated to my dearest friend, Sharon. A wonderful, kind and generous person, a talented blogger, a blessing and a real support to me. You can read about her journey to become a healer in here:


The old lady gave me the special smile, a mix of boredom and sarcasm with a very clear message. Next! Move on! What are you still waiting for?! I’d normally walk away, blaming the system, commenting about her lack of empathy, but today…

Today I’m not giving up. This morning I’m holding on to my faith and my bright smile. And I’m not walking away. Not without what I came for…

The old lady is losing her patience.

“Look Miss, you simply have no luck. I’ve searched for it, it’s not in here! Next!”

It’s not about luck, not at all. It’s about having faith.

I guess I said it out loud, because she dropped the papers and now she’s starring at me.

“Well, here is The Post Office, not a church. And I’ve searched EVERYWHERE for that letter or package or…whatever. Next!”

I’m pointing to the blue bag in the corner of the room.

Could you, please, search in that bag? I ‘m sure it’s in there!

“Of course NOT. That bag contains packages that will be returned to their senders. There’s absolutely NO CHANCE AT ALL that yours would be in there! Next!”

Please. It would mean very much to me.

She stops for a brief moment and analyzes me. Then she smiles.

“Okay, I get it. So…it’s from someone special…right?”

I smile back, knowing what I’m about to say. Exactly what I feel.

It is from someone very special to me. A very wonderful lady who lives far across oceans, but still, she became my best friend. My greatest support through every storm I’m meant to cross through. She’s strong, she’s kind, she’s brave. She’s someone I’m looking up to, a real warrior of light. A living prove that faith is not in words, but in actions. A reminder that people with hearts of gold still exists.

Her words of hope gave me strength more than once, her own journey inspired me to search for light even through darkness. Her generosity and her love are above everything I knew about people, so please…

“Look, Miss…”

And now I’m sure I have lost this battle. I’ll walk out quietly.

“Where are you going? Come on, let’s work on this miracle!”

And I heard her, like through a dream, shouting at her colleagues. The blue bag…and every worker from the post office with their hands covered in rust, the old lady giving orders, like every general, every commander of an important army would do. For me.

She hands me a yellow envelope and her smile has no trace of irony.

“There you go…I have no idea how, I really can’t understand these kind of things. It was lost and now it’s found…No, don’t thank me…you have a light in your eyes and a contagious smile. Never change, okay? Next!!!”

It was never lost, just misplaced.

I was never lost, just waiting to be found.

Thank you, Sharon, for finding me and for always saying the right words.

This is my way of telling you that the bridge of light we created between our worlds can do miracles. Be blessed!



15 thoughts on “Bridges of light

  1. I can not express what this post means to me my friend!!!! I firmly believe that each and every person comes into our lives at the very moment they are meant to be there. The more that we talk, the more parallel our lives seem…even with the oceans and the years that separate us. I have struggled with so much the past few months, and you have always been the healing light for me. To know that I have been the same for you….that makes me swell up with tears and such a pride. We don’t always know just how deeply we affect others around us…we can only hope that we make a difference!! Your words are always so poetic, and I can always feel so far beyond your words. I can only hope that one day – God will grant us the opportunity to truly meet face to face!!! I can’t imagine my life without your friendship….you have been a true Godsend!!! I am thankful that the package arrived….and I hope that in your darkest hours you will use the journal to write out what is on your heart… Or better yet…write out the praises of your heart. However you need to use it!!! God bless you sweet Claudia!!!! May the warmest hugs reach across the oceans and hold you firmly til any darkness may pass!!!

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    1. Every word I said, my amazing friend, I meant it and I wrote it from the bottom of my heart. You always give so much without expecting anything in return, you’re always a light and an angel to others even in times when you would need a hug too…You are precious to me, beyond words and if this post embraced your heart and created a shelter of love, then I thank God for the inspiration of writing it! And I’ll thank you again and again for being a part of my life ❤

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    1. We are blessed and we continue to share the blessings by building beautiful, honest and meaningful connections between our hearts. We need peace in this troubled world and that’s a wonderful way to start! 🙂❤️ Be blessed!

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