Butterflies-Free-Desktop-WallpaperAll the love in the Universe and an endless gentleness reflected in his eyes. What a blessed, precious moment, to be taken by the hand and leaded to the silver stairs…

-The time has come, precious soul. Who are you beneath the lies?

Ashamed and empty, I can’t find the answer. I don’t even remember how and why, when and where my truths were replaced by lies. My conscience is a bleeding wound and my sorrows are piercing through this false serenity…

-Don’t cry, sweet little heart. Facing the truth is never painful, is all about healing. Isn’t it why you called me? 

And the blue of a pure sky is smiling closer to me. And I can’t remember my own lies. And I don’t know the meaning of truth. I lost it…

-Another lie? You said you’re lost in the darkness and that was a lie too. How could you be lost when your light is my light and I saw it shining brighter than the stars?

And you called yourself “desperate” and “lonely”. You spoke about the lack of love. When have you stopped loving me? Because I still do. I still love you. 

No! These are all lies! My lies…I never stopped loving him, I never…I just…stopped loving myself…

-You said you’re restless, you said you’re scared. You wrote stories about fallen angels, about flying with broken wings. Beautiful, perfect lies…my graceful butterfly. I want to be your wings, will you let me? Will you dedicate your gentle flight to me? Will you be loyal and will you be faithful to the one who puts you above all?

I cry crystal tears and they’re the water of life that my soul was so thirsty for. I will. He takes me into his loving arms and I am saved. The little runaway finally found her home. He is right, truth is never painful, never in vain and love is above anger, forgiveness is above resentment. His love is above my guilty conscience.

-No, I’m not here to judge you, I’m here to take away this burden. Look into my eyes. Who are you beneath the lies?

Who am I beneath the lies? Oh, Lord, who am I? Will I ever know? Please bare with me, I’m almost there. I feel the answer, just like I feel your love. Forgive me for every bad word, forgive all the lies I ever said to myself in my blind search of freedom.

For now I know who I am.





Image copyrights http://www.wallpaperspick.com/butterflies-free-desktop-wallpaper.html/


4 thoughts on “Who am I beneath the lies?

    1. Thank you with all my heart! I am here for you too, keeping you and our friendship so close to my heart, in every prayer and in every dream. Be blessed, my dearest Roger! ❤️


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