6594026315_fec38821cd_bHe looks at me with such innocent eyes. “But you liked the music…” He wants to know why do I look so sad. Why do I feel so alone. Why can’t I listen to the damn radio anymore. “Why?”

Torn between love and hate, reality and appearance, “you and me” and “us”, I choose to lay still, waiting for the storm to pass me by. It happened before and I survived, so I embrace the silence and I just close my eyes. Just…don’t. Don’t make me listen to this melody on repeat.

Do anything else…

Run your fingers through my hair, like you used to…

Kiss my neck gently, sending shivers through my body, like it was before…

Hold me tight, let me feel the warmth and the safety of your arms around me, like you promised to…

Or, maybe, walk away, leaving me with my thoughts. I’ll let you go peacefully, like I always do.

Just stop the love songs.

“I thought you like this playlist.” It’s not making sense, is it? But my sadness it’s a tender one and these tears are meant to make my eyes brighter. He’ll never understand. We played it too often and too easily…the game of love. We took it for granted and I lost. It wasn’t me, it wasn’t you…so who’s to blame?

But, if only for one moment, he could touch my heart, he would understand. He would feel it breaking in pieces and he would know…

“Why are you so sad?”

Because I love you. And it’s killing me inside.





All credits for the photo goes to: https://www.flickr.com/photos/skynoir/6594026315/



9 thoughts on “So tired of love songs…

  1. All I can say is wow! I totally understand this…I hate the radio most days. I feel the love songs…and they freaking hurt! The words always sound so sweet and romantic…yet, it’s feelings I don’t believe I will experience anytime soon. That would mean walking away again, from all that I’ve really known since I was 18. Whether or not I am 100% happy or not is almost irrelevant. I hope that you begin to see some sort of happiness my friend.

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    1. Love songs, teddy bears with pink hearts and sweet messages…an idealized image of love. Or, better said, an image of romance. We need it from time to time…and we need so much more. We (human beings) deserve the whole package. Somehow we only get pieces of that and it hurts…
      This year, my Valentine’s Day will be all about learning and being willing to receive love. The way it was meant for me, the way it can be in my reality. Love songs and butterflies…they’re saved for other mornings with more sunshine and less fears. Until then, the radio stays off 🙂 and my heart stays opened.
      Be blessed with sunshine and happy tears! Warm hugs from me! 💛

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    1. And what a blessed day that would be! With hearts singing and souls praising the Creator of all love songs!
      Rays of love and light on your way, to keep you safe and smiling all through tomorrow! ❤️


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