I saw her running like crazy, towards (what she believed to be) the only visible light. Ignoring the pain of breathing too fast and too deep, sighting with her feet stumbling on rocks and thorns, bitten by snakes and flames. I saw her crossing the bridge of fire, going right into the heart of that vibrant black light.

His aura. Or was it the black of his eyes? She’s biting her bottom lip, agonizing for a drop of water. Gasping for air in the burning air. And still, she looks happy.

Here I am, with everything in me. Take me, I want what you promised. To run with you and to be yours. Take this brokenness inside and make me whole. Give me life…for I belong to you.

He’s slowly turning to face her, his velvet wings almost touching her pale skin. The slightly amused smile and the flickering flames were not what she expected. Discouraged and alone, she’s clinging to her only hope. No dignity left in the empty shell of her heart. No pride and no sense of self value.

So she kneels in front of him.

And his cruel laugh breaks the last remain of her fragile inner strength. She breaks, she cries, she begs, she dies…

Really? I mean…REALY?

Just as I imagined, his voice has the force of a thunder. Just as she always fantasized, his words bring her to life.

Dark, dead fingers grabbing her arm are forcing her to stand. She trembles in front of him, waiting for her sentence.


If she would only look, if she would only dare, she would see the flames in his gaze and the snake wrapping around his neck. His wings burn with the fire of hell. His touch has the coldness of a thousand stones and when he grabs her chin, she feels torn in pieces.

So you want ME? 

Yes. Yes! More than anything. More than life. More than love…

He pushes her for no apparent reason. Just to see her falling? Just to see her crawling back to his feet? From where I’m standing, this is simply…unfair. Isn’t it?


She stops sighting, she barely breaths, waiting for his next move. But his tone is arrogant and harsh.

Weak and useless. Despicable. The one who falls so easily will never walk among us. WE are the ones who breath fire. And you cannot feed our desires. 

Knowing he’ll fly away, feeling she’ll never get a second chance, she does the unimaginable. Oh, sweet girl, did you really thought…?

Yes, she did. She clung to his wings and tore them apart. Black feathers and black blood, the horror of an endless desperate cry…

Some nights I breath fire too. In pure pain and deep agony. Ever since he left. He closed a door and opened the gates of hell. So take me now, dance me to the edge and let me burn!

(He’s not worthy, he’s really not worthy of your sacrifice!) – I shout in vain. It has to be her free choice.

Death stares at her with frightened eyes. Broken wings and broken hearts…when will it end? When will we learn?

I cannot take you. There’s ONE who calls you “my child” and I have no power over HIM. Do NOT call me again, you fool!

She raise her head and smiles brightly.

Her triumph is my victory and her happy-end is my beginning.

In love with life, because we’re worth it.





All credits for the image goes to https://adela1015.deviantart.com/art/SKETCH-22-Mount-Fuji-333529164


12 thoughts on “Some nights we’re just breathing fire!

    1. Thank you, David, I let myself hypnotized by the flames, from time to time…just to see their brightness reflected in my lines. I’m honored that you saw it too!
      And…the good part about chocking with smoke is that we appreciate the fresh air so much more…Thank you for being here! 🙂💛


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