Because my love wasn’t meant to be your prison, it wasn’t about frustrations and bitterness. It was clear and pure like the blue sky, beautiful and unreachable like the heavens above. My vision was all about joy…

He took her hand and kissed her fingers. “Don’t be silly, I’m happy with you.”

But his blue eyes were searching for the immensity of a big, free horizon and his arms were wide open to an endless flight.

You love me.

It wasn’t a question, even if it sounded like one. A simple fact, an honest affirmation that he confirmed, holding her a little closer. “And you don’t?” It was meant to sound a little childish, a little playful, but his trembling voice turned it into drama.

Love will never be enough, wouldn’t it? 

She whispered the words like a sacred prayer. The only voice that answered was the voice of her conscience. She’ll never be the right one. Never enough. Different worlds and a broken bridge. How do they meet in the middle? When honesty is killing illusions and tenderness is nothing but temptation and sin.

That’s why I’ll let you go. 

Crying eyes and crying hearts. This was not in the script, not as she imagined. Neither she pictured his hands cupping her face, kissing her like he was fighting for the last breath of air. She did not struggled so he stopped. “You saw behind the role, you saw it through. You saw ME beyond my walls.”

She gently took his hand.

I never told you, but I saw more. You flying free, reaching out to such a high blue, such an impossible dream to me. You finding her. The one who can be more where I am less.

His face turned pale, his eyes filled with guilt…oh, he did, He’s already there, one step away, half heart already estranged. “My sweet angel, I…”

So she just ran.

He opened his wings and fulfilled his destiny. He is loved, he is well, he is free.

Was she an angel for letting him go? Was she a fool? Was she just a woman in love?

Was she faithful, was she brave?

Am I? Are you?










3 thoughts on “I’ll let you go, I’ll let you fly…

  1. So many times i’ve had to let go of love, so many times i’ve wondered if i shall ever really find it. Now i know that i just needed to be patient and wait for the Lords help, now i know where love is.

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