the-best-top-desktop-fantasy-wallpapers-hd-fantasy-wallpaper-13-1In my dreams, you kiss my eyes. I keep them closed, smiling through my happy tears and, while whispering the secret words, you laugh of their struggle to open to light.

There are places only you know, only you touch, places deep within my soul. Sweet heaven’s rain, for my thirsty heart. In my dreams, you take me there and let me feed my aching need for love. In my dreams you love me.

And I fall and I rise, above ashes, clouds, storms and angry winds. I find a rainbow and I paint our love in magnificent colors. In my dreams you give me wings.

We’ll be together, always and for ever…that’s never a lie, because angels cannot lie. In my dreams, you are my guiding light.

Don’t…don’t wake me up, don’t take me back. Let me dream just a little more. It’s such a long time, longer than eternity, since you last held me tight, keeping me warm and safe. In my dreams you are my shelter.

And we dance, and we laugh, we make plans and we cry because we know…

It’s only in my dreams.

So, if I cry in the cruel morning light…

if I say your name like a curse I’m willing to break…

if I fight and scream in the agony of my bitter heart…

if I hate you, if I blame you, if I kill you…it’s only because you took my dream away.

Fly peacefully, angel of love, guardian of dreams, there’s no rest for the unlovable. Wish me goodnight and fly away…you’ll still be with me in my dreams.





7 thoughts on “You’re still with me in my dreams…

  1. Powerful words my friend. The visions that our dreams create…to know that when the morning comes, it was all just a dream… it can be an excruciating feeling. Hold tight to those visions, evening in the cruel morning light. For one day, just maybe…they will come true in the reality of our life….

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