3963136009_a3d2af8dbd_bYou know that feeling when an indescribable pain, a sadness so deep insides you becomes overwhelming? You try to cry it out, you push yourself to extremes just to move on, to go beyond it, you work on reasonable explanations. And you remain silent.

No, I am not talking about my broken romance.

Today was all about silence. My silence. The world continued to sing, to dance, to feast and to chat. And that’s okay…and no, it’s not okay. And I’m lost for words and my metaphors are missing. How would I ask them to be silent with me, just for one moment?

Because somewhere, in this world, there was a place I used to dream about. With big gardens and the sweetest fruits, with the purest color of the sea, with kind people and joyful children. “I will go there one day”.

This is one promise I’ll never fulfill.

I’ll never truly understand the invisible wires that connects me to Syria and, maybe, they’re just in my imagination. I just know how much it hurts to see the destruction. The devastation and the killings. The innocents, the dust and the blood. It tears me apart.

And I can’t do anything about it.

Yes, I signed petitions, yes, I shared terrible news and heartbreaking footages. I tried to create awareness. I did it and it was in vain. No one cared and no one noticed. No change, no solution, no end.

I’m no angel, but if I were, for just a day…

I would fly there and I would carry them with me, on my open wings to a new place. A new country, with beautiful gardens, blue skies, safe homes and loving arms. I would make them believe that every wound was just a nightmare. I would heal their hearts.

But I am only human, submitted to human laws.

This isn’t about politics, religion, not even about war itself. It’s about people like you and me, about children like yours and mine. It’s about love, a love that’s dying with every dead child. So, please, stay with me, for a moment, in this silence.

And while you’re here with me, please hold my hand. We’re not that different, you and me. We may pray in different ways, we may read different books, we may argue sometimes…but there’s only one Heaven above us. And we’ll surely get together there, one day.

So join me in my silent prayer for a miracle. For Syria.



All credits for the image go to: http://spanish.fansshare.com/gallery/photos/14329678/azem-palace-damascus-syria-wallpaper/?displaying








18 thoughts on “In the silence I remain…

  1. I feel your pain my dear friend. How are empathetic Souls cause us to feel things on such a deep, emotional level that a lot of people just don’t understand. I myself have often wondered about the world as a whole. Why there has to be so much pain and destruction and overall hatred. For me, it’s not about race skin color religion culture politics or any of the other things that Society has put on such a intense level, It’s completely about the lack of love and understanding.

    I pray that you find ypur own peace with the situations there. You have such a kind soul my friend…. Hugs always

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    1. Thank you, my dearest friend, the pain I see in the world always resonates with a high intensity inside me. I know you feel it too, as an empath, a faithful person or simply as a human being, blessed with a compassionate heart. May our prayers united create the miracle of peace. I agree, it starts within every human heart and here, dearest Sharon, we are called to help…Many blessings and love upon your beautiful heart!

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  2. I just got tears in my eyes reading this. It’s all so true. With you in this. I do not know after the countless petitions we sign or whatever is in our means we do. Those who are involved in politics and ignoring such acts for their benefits forget that such events can happen to them too.

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    1. Thank you with all my heart! I feel helpless sometimes, but then I remember that there’s a force greater than human mind, stronger than any weapon…If I pray faithfully…if someone from the other part of the world prays with me…if we ask together for a miracle…I have to believe that it will happen! Your message was the ray of light I needed so much and tears are in my eyes too…Be blessed!

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      1. One day there would be a miracle. Those who oppress others be it anywhere will be one day be oppressed by that force which nobody has control over.

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    1. Thank YOU, I just visited your blog and my heart was touched by your writings…my eyes were filled with tears of emotion…my soul was overwhelmed by gratitude, for having the chance to feel your written voice. You are very talented, thank you with all my heart for visiting, liking and following my blog!

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    1. Thank you so much for your words…I still believe in the good in people and, as long as we can unite our hearts in an honest prayer for peace, there is hope. Be blessed, your message carries the light we need so much!


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