You’ll see a wild fire, untamed by the endless rains. Don’t come too close, it’ll burn you alive…

You’ll see a golden light, unafraid of the tremendous darkness waiting ahead. Don’t look too closely, it’ll blind you unhesitatingly…

You’ll see a vivid passion, undisguised by the hypocrite masks all around you. Don’t dream of it, it’ll haunt your very existence, reducing it to a meaningless survival game.

So, when you’ll see me, walking towards you, with white flowers in my hair, open arms and a gentle smile, just search for the signs. Are my eyes brighter when I see your face? Am I lost for words when you say I’m your sweetheart? Am I melting in your arms when you run your fingers through my hair?…

‘Cause if I am…run away, boy, run faster than you ever ran! It may be already too late, but, anyway, save your dignity! Keep the masks on, hang on to your games, pretend to (still) follow your stupid, little rules, be that foolish hypocrite you always were. Run, run now!

‘Cause if you’re staying…well, you’d better be a lion…

White doves, sweet bunnies, playful kittens…been there, done that, played the romance and broke my heart to the core.

My answer was an awakening. The lioness in me is waiting to be more than a queen. She wants to be yours.

So if you can’t be a lion, don’t be at all…




All credits for the image go to https://ro.pinterest.com/pin/510595676476813386/


15 thoughts on “In the eyes of a lioness

      1. A true lioness would never chase a frightened guy…she would have fun simply by watching him run scared, faster than the wind! 😃
        Warm hugs and prayers for you, dear Roger ❤️


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