“Be careful, people may notice.”

The boy was standing right next to me in the bus station, but, if it wouldn’t have been for his playful smile and his bright blue eyes, looking straight into my soul, I would have thought he’s talking to someone else. Even so, I decided to play it carefully.

-Excuse me? I don’t understand.

“It seems like you lost a few feathers. People will realize you’re an angel. Pretty hard to hide it, especially when you’re just learning how to use your wings.”

I guess it is the shock on my face that made him laugh even harder, but (to my own surprise) it didn’t bother me to see him laughing. And I find myself laughing with him.

(Laughing? Me?)

“Can I introduce myself to you, Angel? My name is David and I’m a…”

But I didn’t let him finish his sentence. I want to say something funny or spiritual, or to lean to touch his reaching hand, so I move my arms and it happens!

Feathers! White feathers! All around me!!!

And they’re many! And (surprisingly, again!), in my desperation, I jump and I move my arms up and down! And then I see…

“Oh, please don’t fly away. Stay with me!”

I’m aware of my blushed cheeks and I’m also aware that I’m a bit weird, jumping like I’m ready to fly. But, at least, I see now where the feathers are coming from…

“It was when you searched in those bushes, saving the injured kitten. That’s when you tore up your coat.That’s when you captivated my poor, helpless heart.”

(Yes, I did it…I saw the old lady in front of the bushes, desperately trying to save the kitten. Her fur baby. That’s how she called it. I protected my hands with the coat, while fighting the thorns and the kitten’s sharp claws. But that’s a whole different story…)

-Are you a poet, David?

He stopped laughing a while ago, but his smile still warms the air around us.

“Guilty as charge! And you, Angel, are you a Muse? The kitten’s guardian angel? Or just mine?”

I smile back, watching the white feathers around us, dancing in the wind.

-In need for my guardian angel, I guess. Just look at me, how I’m tearing up and breaking and…”

He stops me from speaking, removing a feather from my hair, with the softest, gentlest gesture.

“You can fix this, I see it in your eyes. Your loving eyes…don’t think they go unnoticed. Protected and beloved, that’s how you walk through this world.”

-That’s beautiful! Is it from one of your poems?

“It will be one day. A poem about the miracle of a feather lighted heart, carrying the weight of the world…a miracle. A blessing, maybe?”

The bus is here and I see him waving at me before disappearing in the crowd. It’s 9:14 in the morning…

And I thank God once again for His never ending signs.




18 thoughts on “I see it in your loving eyes…

    1. Thank you for always seeing the best in me! I’m blessed to be surrounded by human angels, like you are, dear friend of mine and, in my many flaws, my heart finds forgiveness and love. Be blessed with open wings and the power to fulfill every dream!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Straight into my Lion-king’s arms, that’s where I’d fly to…😊❤️ And my heart would be easy like a soft, white, free feather. Thank you for asking and for carrying!


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