moteris-74390030He loves her with a tenderness he could never share with another. His need to feel her close to his body overcomes every bitter memory and, in his mind, they’re happy together. He holds her hand and softly kisses her forehead, always longing for more of her sweet perfume…

She loves him with a passion she’ll never feel for another. Her need to feel his fingers through her hair, playing, teasing, caressing her bare shoulders overcomes every moment of anger. She’s longing to hold him a little longer, desperately feeling that, any moment now, he’ll be gone. In her mind, he already left her…

He likes the image she created for the world. A strong woman, a warrior, a voice for the rights of the defenseless. He could listen to her speeches over and over again and he would agree to every word. He wants her stronger, braver, more powerful! He needs her to go there and carry the battle, win the war, celebrate the victory! He doesn’t know about the tears in the darkness…

She likes the image of him reflected in other women’s eyes. Yes, she noticed how they stumble, how they loose their words or even get all blushed in his presence. How they play with their hair or flutter their eyelashes, how they bite their bottom lips and bounce their legs, hoping he’ll appreciate the sensuality of their body language. She loves that he never gives them any attention. She wonders what’s wrong with her, why isn’t she jealous? She doesn’t know about his secret fantasies…

He wants her in control, in charge, to make the choices, to establish rules and to make people follow them. He never sees how tired she is and, when she’s smiling through her sleep, he doesn’t know that she dreams of a prince who’d fight shadows and demons and every scary creature in her mind, saving her heart…

She never told him that, sometimes, she feels fragile and scared, like a little girl. He never said the magic words. It will be alright. That’s all she needs, from time to time.

He’s generous and respectful and he always compliments her.

She’s kind, sweet, polite and graceful, always praising his intelligence and his talent.

He knows she’s the right one for him.

She believes he was her soulmate. It should had been forever.

They still love each other, they still hold each other’s hand, they still want this story to have a happy ending.

So, what’s wrong with this picture? What’s about this world that pushes people apart instead of bringing hearts together? Why are they in different places, feeling lonely, cold and frightened even while sharing the same bedroom?

And I’ll forever wonder why…

…and I’ll be longing for more ’till the day I’ll die.





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21 thoughts on “I’ll forever wonder why…

    1. As long as our hearts beat in synchronicity, there’s no real need to understand…we’ll simply be there, in that magic moment, together. A warm embrace to your amazing heart. ❤️


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