I was there when it happened! The usual me, never really crossing the line. Happiness and misery, hope and despair, life and death, always in the middle. Always a bit of a victim, a bit of a hero, never truly myself. But, this time, I was there!

It was the forgiveness in his eyes that made the wall crumble down, so that my soul cried real tears. The door he opened for me wasn’t meant to take me to complete bliss and the road wasn’t the romantic journey I dreamed as a child. It was tough, it was painful, it was pure. It was love. It was the path to self-discovery. And I was there!

It happened so many times before, but I always missed it somehow. Blame, guilt, anger and depression. The inner voices can be so mean! The morning light can be so cruel! So I was hiding in dark places, never truly there in spirit. Only in body, and bodies are so weak. Today, for the first time, I was there, the complete me!

And I saw the light and I felt the embrace.

I was forgiven and so loved! The fears were shaken to the ground and I learned to love back. Agape…sweet Word, what made me worthy of your blessings?

I was there when he came to me, with his promises and his love.

Because He was there for me.

To love this foolish heart of mine. And to give it a second chance.



12 thoughts on “This heart needs a second chance!

  1. Everyone deserve a second chance… Bless you my friend, that peace and love may be yours. I miss our emails. I always love your beautiful writings … May the second chance be what you need to heal.

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    1. Thank you, dearest Sharon, you’re in my thoughts always. I’m still fighting that nasty flu, so I’m sleeping as much as I can, between daily chores. I miss our mails too, can’t wait to get back on track. Have a blessed Sunday!


    1. Thank you with all my heart! We cannot let the brokenness define us, simply because the love in our hearts has a divine essence. So, every morning, every sunshine and every friendly smile could be the new beginning, the second chance we need so much.
      Thank you for your message, the kindness in your words is a second chance for hope, for believing in people ❤️ Be blessed!

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    1. Now you got me all worried…of course I’m praying for you. Please write me when you have news from the doctor, just a few words to know you’re okay. Keeping you in my heart and in my prayers ❤️


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