7178222_orig-If peace is what you’re seeking, you’re in the worst place possible! So say the words, tell me, once again, how I broke your heart!”

“You never broke my heart, I need you to know this. It was already broken when I met you, beyond repair, beyond second chances. I…”

-Are you done? Is it over? What’s wrong with you, that you’re always punishing yourself, instead of simply moving on? Why do you think I left you? Do you ever ask yourself why?

“Because you got bored, I guess. What seemed to be an innocent game turned into tragedy and resentment. You left when I stopped idolizing you.”

-I left because my simple presence seemed to hurt you. I loved you, but I can’t live my life walking on egg shells with you! I am not your super-hero, I am not all mighty. I cannot heal a lifetime of hurt!

“You are just a shadow. And even now, you’re still hiding your eyes. Are you afraid of me?”

-Yes. You are self-destructive and you don’t value your own life. You’re chasing me, hunting me! You repeat words that hurt me! I destroyed you, I get it, I’m a scum bag, I’m a bastard. I never deserved your love. Happy now? Do you feel revenged?

“I’m not here to get my revenge, God will take care of this for me…I’m here…”


“To forgive you and to set you free. You don’t have to hide anymore. Find the light, walk in the sun, be more than a cheater and a liar. More than a coward.”

He came one step closer and I saw him shaking so violently that I was afraid he might break in pieces. His fragility had something repulsive and frightening at the same time.

-Do you want to see? Is that what you came for? To see my eyes? The real me? 

And I couldn’t resist the temptation. To actually see the eyes of the man I called “shadow” all this time.

I did it. I looked at him.

Some things are not meant to be seen or understood. Some stories are not meant to be told. Some love letters better be burned into eternal flames! For what I saw was not a man. Was not a shadow.

I loved a demon. And he loved me back.

Tears fell on the piece of paper where she wrote one final chapter of her story. Is this how it ends? But she couldn’t answer. Her mind was already lost, chasing voices, dancing with fears and nightmares, crossing the silver bridge, becoming a shadow herself.

And me…and my story…my love and my revenge…my forgiveness and my redemption…

God will take care of them all. For He is my peace…




All credits for the image to https://cejordanphotography.weebly.com/light-shadows–reflections.html





6 thoughts on “Blessed be the ones seeking for peace!

  1. I saw people destroying sacred things and tearing each other apart. The miracle of love is often ignored, taken advantage of, even destroyed. Still, with every heart that honestly falls in love, the world is blessed once again. And I still believe in the innocence of our hearts! ❤️ Thank you so much for your words, they mean a lot to me!

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