I called your name and it was sweet on my lips, like a prayer. As a little girl, I used to write it on little pink notes and pour rose perfume on it. And later, your name was love…But now, when my lips are whispering the precious words, you can’t hear me calling your name.

I asked for your help, but you were lost somewhere, in that world of yours. I was overwhelmed, tired and lonely, so I raised my voice at you, like no woman in love should ever do. Not with her soulmate…But you didn’t even blinked, I guess you can’t hear me calling for help.

I blamed you for my wasted years, for my loneliness and for pushing me over the edge. I was unfair, I was mean…you’re not to blame for my own choices. I just wanted more than the sound of silence. But you looked away, I think you can’t hear me going insane.

So I laughed and I sang until the music was louder than my tears.

So I screamed in agony and I scratched the surface of our broken dream. I tear it apart.

So I smashed this porcelain heart of mine to the ground. I don’t need it anymore!

But I still need you…to hear.

Because as long as you can hear me…I’m still a part of your world, as twisted and crazy as it is.

My love, can you hear me calling? Don’t be too late, don’t let it end…the sound of your heart beating is still my best melody. Why have you muted me? Am I still alive?


7 thoughts on “In a world without sound…

    1. I know the feeling…I feel terribly guilty when someone talks to me and I din’t really listen…it happens mostly when I’m very tired. I would never ignore someone, especially not a cry for help. But people build walls and create inner worlds, leaving the loved ones outside…and that’s the feeling behind my post. Be blessed! I listened to that song you send me, it’s amazing…I cried too. ❤️


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