“She looked so pure and sweet in her ivory dress! Just like a little girl always dreaming to become a princess, she was playing her role perfectly. Grace and elegance within every little gesture, brightness in her eyes and in her smile…And I…”

Please continue. You…

“I was there, witnessing the becoming of an angel. In my eyes and in my soul, beyond fears and doubts, a new sunrise just embraced me in light. And I knew, the time has come for me to fulfill my destiny.”

What was your destiny?

“Her. She was my destiny and fate never lies. I waited until she was alone and I saw her making a pirouette and rehearsing some dance steps, all alone. I got so close that I could sensed her perfume. Delicate like a white rose, wild like a black orchid, sweet like an angel singing. I was prepared…”

To kill her?

“No, it wasn’t like that! I was just…she was just…growing wings. She just…”

She was just a bride on her wedding day. Not an angel, not a vision. 

“Then why wasn’t she scared? My face was deformed, swollen and bruised. I was like a savage in front of a porcelain princess. I saw my reflection in the mirror of her eyes. And I cried. And I knelt. The ritual demanded humility and penitence.”

Tell me about the knife. 

“No, not yet. You did not ask about the miracle. She was not scared, she was…”


“She looked at me with a sad smile. Her delicate hands touched my shoulders and helped me stand. She had a white tissue and she wiped the blood of my face. And she talked to me…and I was so mesmerized that I couldn’t understand. It was like a melody. Sweet words, comforting and calming, so full of love and compassion. I don’t remember…but I’m sure I saw tears in her eyes. Do you think she cried for me?”

Let’s talk about the knife. 

“I used it. I took it out of my coat and I kept it hidden, so she wouldn’t be scared. It should had been painless…A little innocent lamb, unaware of the cruelty of this dark world.”

So you did kill her? Are you confessing a crime?

“I’m confessing the crime of touching her white veil with my dirty hands. It smelled like vanilla…It was a crime and I was impure. But she forgave me…she did. Even for running away from her. Even for not giving her wings. I ran and I cried in a bush outside of that old church.”

Remember, you said you used the knife.

“I cut the hand that was going to harm her. I cut it to the bone! In tears and blood I found my salvation. I was redeemed and made new.”

By whom?

“You know the answer.”

Where is she now?

“Somewhere in the world, living an extraordinary life. Getting too close to darkness sometimes. Praying for a freedom she always had. Still growing wings.”

Are you in love with her?

“I hate her! With everything in me! I really hate her…”


“Because hating her means keeping her safe. And loving her would be like touching that white veil all over again. With hands that carry dirt, blood, guilt and violence.”

Wait! Are you playing with my mind? Are we talking about a girl? A possible victim?

“Of course not, don’t be such a fool. It was all along, all about Light. And you asked the wrong questions…again.”

I left the room, a little confused, a little frustrated, a little upset…leaving him with his paintings. I heard him laughing, like he would be planning the perfect prank. Talking to an unseen ghost…

“See, I told you we’ll fool her. No, it was not a lie, we don’t lie! How was I supposed to tell her? Was about Light…and she is Light…(with a nervous laugh)…and it’s not about the past. Somewhere in the future…Now leave her alone! She’s still growing wings…!”



The source of the image: https://www.livemaster.com/item/6246197-wedding-gifts-oil-painting-pearl-bride






7 thoughts on “Still growing wings…

    1. You’re right, my wonderful Roger. The right questions are always suppose to guide us to light and faith. Unfortunately, in the mind and heart of an mentally ill person, so often darkness is presented as light. I think she was scared, but her guardian angel helped her keep her calm and saved her own life…Thank you so much for being here and for your words, I’ll get back with a mail in a few hours. Have a blessed evening! ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  1. A great story.

    I admit, your writing often leaves me going “Wait. What?” And, this is one of the handful of times that I feel I “get it.”

    But, even if your words often leave me scratching my head, I can tell they are written with passion and love. Things the world always needs more of.

    Thank you for adding light to a world that is in darkness.

    Thank you for your support of my own writing, too. It means a lot.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your kind words, you brought a smile to my face and you’re honoring me by reading my posts! ❤️
      And I admit too…I write them as they come into my mind. Sometimes I ask myself the same…I guess there’s a logic of the soul and a purpose in everything we create…Or am I simply projecting my own confusions, that could be possible too. 😃
      Have a joyful day and thank you again!

      Liked by 1 person

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