let-go-816x428Let’s give ourselves one year…

So that our story could be different and we’d fight this unfair fate that turned us into strangers. We’d break down all the walls we worked so hard to build. Between us…

So that we’d run to each other with open arms and honest hearts. It is the right thing, the God’s most precious gift for us, the one we’d fight for an eternity and beyond. Our love… 

That’s what he told her with tears in his eyes, gently caressing her hair. Searching for a long gone light. Inside her. But she remained silent, only the dark circles surrounding her (-once green-) eyes seemed to lift their silent prayer to the clear sky. He took her in his warm arms, but she pulled away.

Pain. Let go.

And he let her fall down, once again, a repetitive lesson of failure.

I don’t want my love to destroy you. I just need you…

Let’s say our vows again. I promise to love you and protect you. I swear I wont be afraid, never again! I will never run and hide into the icy shelters of this selfish pride. 

I only demand one year. One year of love. Complete, passionate, tender, free. Ours.

Black tears and lost shadows were dancing around her and he knew. They will not be given one more year. They will never dance again. His desperate vows and demands will be met by a silent sky. And he’ll only embrace her when the summer’s wind will sweetly caress his -once careless- hair.

He’ll only love her in his dreams.

Just one month!

One day!

One hour! Is it too much to ask from you? Are you that blind to pain and suffering? Are you even there? Do you even care? If you do, just know that I am sorry. And I’m ready to beg for one more hour.

I’ll kiss her slowly and tender. I wont rush this time. I’ll take my time to listen to every breath and every beating of her heart. I’ll treasure every touch, I’ll cherish every word. I’ll taste the sweetness of her happy tears and I’ll pray with her. 

I will make her happy. 

She smiled. With pale, trembling fingers, she touched his lips, stopping this blasphemy. What’s another hour when you’re facing eternity? What’s love when you cannot forgive yourself?

For wasting every chance. Love, life, youth, wisdom, beauty, blessing! What a loss!

All for them, all given by the highest power of the universe. The same power that opened the gates of Heaven, turning pain into peace.

So you know the story, my love. We may not be given one more hour. Regardless of the pain and anger you’ll address to the stormy sky. I see your -once loving- eyes filled with remorse. Could you love me now?

Life goes on, time is slipping away, one year, one day, one hour…

How about now?

Will your choices remain the same?



The source of the image: http://www.quoteambition.com/letting-go-moving-on-quotes-images/



13 thoughts on “How could this love be in danger…

  1. I feel the pain in his words, but I also hear the demands for things that cannot be given. The damages are done, and one more hour wouldn’t change a thing. It is a sad reality, but a world that many do live in…. Excellent writing as always my friend!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you, my dearest Sharon. It’s a story I know too well, a lost love and so much wasted time. What’s really tragic is that we seem to repeat their destiny. Unable or unwilling to learn anything…
      My dear friend, thank you for the mail, we had a few crazy days and I couldn’t find a moment of peace, to put my thoughts in order. But I will very soon 🙂
      Many hugs and blessings for you! ❤️

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  2. Such powerful, beautiful words.

    Thank you for reminding me that time is fleeting and should be cherished. It’s a reminder I’ve needed lately.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you, I’d be honored! My name is Claudia and I’m living in Romania. 🙂
    P.S.: Your comment was mistakenly put in the spam category (by wordpress!), that’s the reason I’m replying so late.


    1. Thank you, I’m honored and so grateful! It takes a beautiful, sensitive, yet strong heart to deeply feel the desperate love hidden between the lines of this particular story…Be blessed! ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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