They said it’s a haunted place, so I shouldn’t be here when the moon is lonely over the dark lake. Haunted by melancholy, I saw no danger except for my bitter-sweet nostalgia. The one that leaded my steps so close to the edge…

They said there’s a ghost trying to sneak into the surface of what we call reality, so I should stay away from these deep waters. Ghosting into the abyss of my own desires, I saw no reason to stay on the safe side…

They said it’s a curse that’s drowning the innocents into the darkest of the dark, so I should better avoid the unknown. I laughed. I’m barely awake, drunk and weary into my own ocean of lost dreams, but not even there I would call myself innocent.

It’s my night and they wont stop me, not with their unwanted advises, not by shouting out loud from the other side, not through threats and promises, sweet lies and hurtful truths. There’s nothing they could offer and there’s nothing they could take. Brave or foolish, romantic or depressed, irresponsible or heroic they’ll call me!

Who knows, for I won’t be here anymore.

I see you, Innocent one, come, follow me…

And she smiles seductively, taking me to the place where the lonely moon never shined above.

I see you and I know you, I know where you come from…

Her voice like a melody reminds me of my childhood and I try not to cry, but tears flow freely, disturbing the mirror-clear surface of the dark lake.

Don’t cry, Innocent dove, the gates of your golden cage are wide open…

She promises freedom and painless dreams and I wish…oh, how I wish I could believe her!

But I’m far from being innocent.

And my darkness is far from being peaceful.

I am expected to return, back to life, back to light. One day…

So I must go and she must cry…

For she was real and I was her ghost…for much too long.




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10 thoughts on “I see you…(can you see me?)

    1. Depression has this “gift” of making us feel like ghosts, trapped somewhere inside our own created reality. The post is about coming back to life…something I experienced the past years.
      Thank you, my dearest friend, for being here, it means the world to me! ❤️

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      1. You said it so beautifully and I admire your inner strength! You came out of the darkness more mature, ready to be a warrior of light and love! Be blessed! ❤️


      2. Claudia, The thing is most of our life we keep on listening to people ##### and rarely try things on our own for the first time, So that’s what I learn.. LEARN TO QUESTION THE NORM ! and “Create” our own path out of “Choice” that will give satisfaction to the heart..

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    1. Thank you so much for your words! You are right, there’s no other way out of depression but to look at life with honesty and lucidity. Thank you for following my blog, I’m honored and grateful! 🙏❤️


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