https_blueprint-api-production.s3.amazonaws.comuploadscardimage759243068a800a-5064-450d-aa5a-11ec21a26d3fI will fight the demons of the night! she whispered to herself, holding her little girl’s hand, pulling her closer, tighter when the flashing light approached them silently.

Just like a shadow, just like a ghost, she kept themselves hidden near the tall building, becoming one with the walls. The little girl was trembling, so she knelt and embraced her. It’s us against the world and we promised we’ll make it through the wild!

She was still beautiful, in spite of the pain and tiredness they were facing, and the darkness was only making her eyes brighter. Dressed so inappropriately, with clothes that simply don’t fit into these modern times of history, her only hope was to stay invisible. It’s in Your power to make the hungry sharks blind, please keep us safe! she kept praying in a low voice. And He did the miracle, the group of men passed them, no harm was done, not this time!

They stopped for a moment in front of a bright window. A store that look like paradise! Bread and water, rice and potatoes, chocolate and candies, even a doll! She saw tears into the little girl’s eyes and her heart broke once again. If only he would be with us…but she stopped herself before even saying the words. The little girl pointed to the stars. “Do you think he sees us?” Yes, he definitely sees us! “Do you think he’s proud of us?” More than proud, my little warrior! And the pain became stronger than the hunger.

In her little pocket, she kept a brown wallet, their ticket to freedom. Their chance to life. Foreign money, words written in a language she never learned. Pieces of paper with numbers, the price for their lives, a real fortune when you have nothing. Nothing but your faith! She took a step behind, leaning to the wall. That’s when she saw…

“Mommy, what’s that? Why is this drawing on the wall, what are these words? G-O-A-W-A-Y? It’s about us? Why do they hate us?”

She covered the child’s eyes so that she wont see the hateful words. Go away! We don’t want you here! No refugees in our country! And a picture with a man and a gun, looking straight into their eyes from the yellow poster. She took the little girl into her arms and ran! And ran until her feet were bleeding and her hopeless heart was agonizing!

“Why do we have to run?” asked the crying child.

Because, my sweet, this is how we stay alive. Remember the jungle? This is like…another kind of jungle. Another kind of wild…Don’t cry, you promised! But she was crying herself and the darkness and the cold became unbearable.

So the warm touch on her shoulder seemed to come from the place of angels and the gentleness in the eyes that looked upon them seemed to be miraculous. The old man asked if there’s anything they need. She looked down, but the little girl, in a trembling voice, started to tell about the horrors and the pain, the hunger and the loneliness, the death and the wild…

In her own language.

The old man understood nothing, so he repeated the question. Do you need anything? She said the only word she knew: SUGAR. Chocolate, bread and a warm blanket. Sugar.

A word that spoke about hunger and abuse, a word she heard on other lips, in circumstances that brought death and misery.

The old man smiled, but he made no move. She understood the meaning of his motionless attitude, so she took out the brown wallet and gave it to the kind, smiling man. He left with their precious papers. He left them waiting, he left them freezing on the empty street…

So close to the bright window of the store that looked like paradise…

So far away from humanity.

Please pray for the refugees, for all the families, from all over the world, in the search for a shelter.



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10 thoughts on “I will rise into the wild!

    1. Thank you, this means so much to me! What you did is amazing, I wish I had your inner strength and generosity to support their cause the way you do…Be blessed and be inspired to shine bright into this world!


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