Lying on the red, soft pillows, my mind is embracing the sweet, blissful euphoria, unable to create a single logical thought. Only sensations…like the warmth of my skin on the silky sheets, or your lips on my bare shoulders…it feels somehow unfair, but I can only smile, I can only feel…this “here and now” that people call “dream” and I call heaven…

In this “here and now”, this reality that we created in the name of love, passion, lust and desire, no one loses. You’re so close to me, like never before, and our love is not a frail shadow, but a burning light. I’m not afraid to be vulnerable with you, to let you hear my soft responses…“you make me so happy…”.

I whispered the words and you, with that boldly smile on your face, you ask me if you’re that good. Then you kiss my blushed cheeks and my bright eyes, the lips that are thirsting for you, the body that’s longing to feel you, again and again…the heart that has never felt so whole…

There’s no secret that I want you like no other man was ever desired…and there’s no lie in my pleading for more…we’re not breaking rules and we’re not crossing boundaries, we were meant to be one…So why do I see a shadow in your eyes? Scared and worried, you try to tell me that we need to go…

Oh, I’m not going anywhere, I just found my home and my shelter, here in your arms!

“But, darling, they’re coming…”

I don’t believe you and I’m not afraid. You don’t know, but, in the other “here and now”, in (what they call) real life, I already lost you, you already turned into a stranger. I faced the worse fight – the fight for your love – and I lost! Nothing scares me because there’s nothing left for me to lose.

You seem distracted and you cannot relate with my words. Are we okay? You and me… I ask feverishly and my heart is one beat away from desperation. You caress my hair.

“Sweet love, the danger comes from the outside, not from you-and-me…”

Not from the inside…I take a deep breath and I’m alive again! See, you’re safe with me…I’m a warrior by nature and that’s the thing I know the best! That’s what I do on a daily basis, I fight demons, ghosts, shadows, temptations! I’m strong and I’m skilled!

I can cross through fire! I can survive the acid rain! I’m faster than the thunders! I’m fearless when it comes to facing evil! I can even move mountains! I defeated death more than one time! I’m The Supergirl! Why don’t you believe me?

What I can’t do…the one thing I’ll never learn…and maybe I’m too sensitive, or childish, or simple, or boring…but I’ll never be able…

To make YOU love me…So please, don’t send me back, to the other “here and now”, to what they call “reality”, where you don’t love me anymore…where there’s no home and no shelter…

But it’s too late and, again, fear was stronger than love.

So, here I am, looking at you, my handsome man, elegant and distant, polite and cold, always sure of yourself, always taking us for granted. Here I am, trying to tell you about this crazy dream I just had, with you and me, making love on red, silky pillows.

“So, do you want to have sex? Is this what’s all about?”

The distance, the anger, the contempt in your voice…NO, absolutely NOT! This is NOT what’s all about!

“Ok, honey, see you later then.” and you kiss me on my pale cheek.

And my heart has never felt so broken. But I’ll be okay…I’m The Supergirl.



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22 thoughts on “And Supergirls don’t cry!

  1. Great composition, came straight from heart and mind directed the fingers while Eyes – even when closed they just, by watching – observed a lot that was wonderful, pure bliss. Sometimes I feel Eyes are better communicators than our fingers and tongue which create distortion and in times like these as you narrate – I just like to keep my eyes closed and keep dreaming! I compliment you for sharing. Regards. Jay

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    1. Thank you so much, Jay, your message warmed up my heart and it means a lot! It’s beautiful to be able to dream, to create an inner reality while working on making your dreams come true. Be blessed!


  2. Thanks    for accepting and following my blog.

    I’m available to read your post at my convenient time.

    You have such an interesting topic I will love to read in
    your blog.

    I still remain  the simple blogger…..

    Peace ✌and Love ❤

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    1. Thank you, your stories are meaningful, inspirational, very well written and so heartfelt. Thank you for writing like that, I’m really glad for this amazing chance to get to know your written voice ❤️


      1. Thank you! I appreciate your thoughtful response.

        Such an awesome way of replying someone. Thanks. Again
        As always your posts are incredible and I enjoying reading every word down till the last line. I must say that you are probably one of the excellent bloggers on WordPress that write inspired

        Also, I just posted: OSCILLATION
        Would love to know your views. Love to see your contributions on it. I’m always excited for your comment. 🙂

        You are welcome

        Peace ✌and Love ❤

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      2. I just wrote a comment on your amazing poem “Oscillation”, a poem that touched my heart and made me re-consider the power of metaphors. Thank you for sharing your talent!


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