girl-flirtingI see you looking at me a little surprised and the amusement in your eyes is the sexiest thing  I ever saw! We’re both laughing, so this is the perfect moment when, apparently by accident, you’ll touch my bare shoulders, sending a wave of emotions through my body. I’ll bite my bottom lip and I’ll play with a rebel lock of hair that (conveniently) falls over my eyes. You already want to kiss me, but you’ll have to wait…

You pretend that my blushed cheeks went unnoticed, but I know better! I always knew you better than any one of them. And they were many! They passed through your bedroom and stayed in your arms for as long as attraction and excitement lasted…while my words will stay for ever!

You’re telling me stories about how she played you for a fool, about your broken ego. I’m ready to take you in my arms, creating a shelter for your heart…I’m reassuring you, again and again, that life is unfair and people are bad. And you are magnificent! And you deserve more. You deserve me!

Someone loves you deeply and passionately and that someone is standing right here, with eyes filled with promises…It’s okay if you’re afraid of commitment, I’m afraid too! It’s alright if you cannot be loyal, I’ll be for both of us! It’s fine if you’re not completely honest, that’s a risk you cannot take these days! Just be here, with me, just be!

And now you want to know about my life, so I search in my bag of memories, the most interesting stories, the most captivating adventures. The ones that’ll put me in the best light. Fragile, but yet, so strong! Romantic, but yet, so reliable! Innocent, but yet, so wise!

Yes, it’s me that you’re looking for! And I’m here, for you, to fulfill this empty place with my love. I’m here to give you all that you were denied of, ever since you opened your eyes to this cruel world. Love me…

What’s this silence between us? I had so many things to tell you…Why did my lips stayed sealed? I planned the perfect scenario, you were supposed to fall for me…Why was I just standing still, while you kept bragging about the blonde one, about the skinny one, about the perfect one! I thought it’s meant to be! Wasn’t it?

I guess I’ll just take my imaginary kisses and my unspoken words and use them more wisely next time! May all your girlfriends turn into crooked witches with gigantic brooms!

You turn to me with a shocked expression on your perfect face. Oh, my goodness! I must have said it out loud!


I found the image at:

The title is inspired by the song “Baby can I hold you” by Tracy Chapman




22 thoughts on “The right words, at the right time…

  1. When we go through tough times that’s when you need to pray the most, rely on God the most, believe the most and read His word the most. It’s also when He strengthens you the most. Take care my ❤ this won't last forever. Thinking of you always.

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