-I’m sitting here, between worlds, knowing you can fix me. I broke the bridge of light, it collapsed under my lies! I’m here to confess a truth so terrible…

He stopped me, taking me in his arms and almost crushing the words inside my chest.

“We don’t talk about it. Terrible truths, heartbreaking confessions…they stay locked in the darkness for ever.”

His kiss had nothing tender, nothing sweet this time. It was meant to set things straight. Meant to make me forget him, to erase all the memories of tenderness and safety.

-Why? It’s all I have, all I’m clinging to, in the loneliness of my ever-lasting nights. I love you, do you still love me too?

His fingers left red traces on my arms, they’ll turn blue in the morning, just like my heart. But it wasn’t the pain that brought the salty water in my eyes, no!

“We don’t mention love in our conversations. Nor loneliness. They’re frail and easily breakable human emotions, so they make us weak. Don’t ever speak their names!”

I wanted to push him away, for he was not the one I desperately wanted back. He was stronger, wiser, braver…he was colder than any long forgotten dream of mine. He was…

“How am I?”


“And how are you?”

This is where I’m breaking in pieces. This is when I fall. This is my unspeakable truth. For I am just a shadow.

“Right.  Your truth is different than mine. So this is where we close the gate. A thin smoke, this is your memory…”

He pushed me away, setting himself free. And I died inside, along with the love I was carrying. But, in the end…dreams cannot kill, can they?

-I’m sitting here, between worlds, knowing you can fix me. I broke the bridge of light, it collapsed under my lies! I’m here to confess a truth so terrible…

“Oh, baby, I want to hear every one of your truths, no matter how terrible they are!”

-I’m nothing but a shadow! These tears are made of smoke! And I’ll be gone, if you ever decide to forget me…

He smiled and kissed my smokey tears.

“It’s alright, my love, we all are. Shadows, frail, outcasts, breakable, deceiving, confused and anguished. Perfect is the hand that drew us, clear is the eye that saw our first breath. Pure is The Love that keeps us alive. And you are loved beyond measure…”



I found the image at:

Title inspired by the song “You are the reason” by Calum Scott and Leona Lewis


10 thoughts on “To fix what I’ve broken…

  1. Living between two worlds is a painful place to be. I desperately hope that you find the love that you truly deserve my friend.we are not meant to be so consumed with pain and suffering. We are loveable souls that simply see life differently. We hold such anquish in our hearts. But may you heal in time to a place of positivity and utmost love and mutual respect. Warmest hugs my friend!!

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    1. Warmest hugs to you too, dearest Sharon! ❤️ Lately, all I’m searching for is a little peace of mind/heart…love can wait 🙂 It is hard to find balance, it seems impossible to keep it…but I’m not losing hope! 🙏 Thank you for your light and your kindness! ❤️

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  2. Every one who is broken our Lord can fix but I never see you that way. The Lord is close to us when we are going through these things and won’t let us suffer more that we are able to bare. Remember that you are loved and can love.
    1 John 4:8 He who does not love does not know God, for God is love.

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    1. You always saw the best in me, that’s how you are, that’s the light I saw in you, reflecting in everything you touch. That’s why I know for sure: love will find you, no matter how rough is the path that leads your heart to healing.
      I find love, every day, in God’s word, it took me a lifetime of sadness and despair to find the refuge I was looking for.
      Thank you for being here, my friend! 🙏💕😇


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