Miserable abandoned teddy bear outdoors leaning on to tree

Blue teddy-bear, please stay and hold my heart once more…

I’ll hold you tight and love you like never had before,

I’ll tell you all my stories, my faith I will restore!

For you, my childhood’s sweetest, the one I still adore…


Blue teddy bear, forgive me for growing up so fast!

I thought that life’s a playground and love’s supposed to last,

I hoped his tender arms will wipe away the past…

But here I am: a loner, a black sheep, an outcast!


Blue teddy bear, where are you when darkness casts its cold?

You left me empty hearted, with no one else to hold…

Blank pages fill my stories, white lies was all I told,

Into a world that’s breaking even the hearts of gold!


Blue teddy bear, I wonder, would you remember me?

I’m different, yet the same…and never ever free…

I’m still the girl who left you under the cherry tree…

My love is still volcano and restless like the sea!


Blue teddy bear, don’t tell them the silly dreams of mine!

Don’t speak your words of wisdom when silence is just fine!

I need you back to leave you behind me…one more time

I love you and I hate you, my childhood’s sweetest rhyme…

Blue teddy bear, don’t tell them ’bout this terrible sign!

They’ll say I’m bad and guilty! And all I do is crime!

And even worse they’ll call me…

They’ll call me borderline”.



I found the image at: https://www.istockphoto.com/video/miserable-abandoned-teddy-bear-outdoors-gm1030228212-276026934





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