So, was it when I chose to hide away my tears?

I wonder if you knew about my longest night,

When darkness almost overcame the light!

To know about my bravest fight…

Would you be proud of me?

Just tell me honestly!

Or was it when I silenced all my fears?


So, was it when I gave myself to you?

There was no shame or anger in my brightful eyes,

You never looked behind…to see how high it flies

My heart, filled with your lies…

How could you set it free?

Just tell me honestly!

Or was it when I said “I love you too…” ?


So, was it when I let you lead this dance?

We said our vows, you promised me you’ll stay

Through storms and calm, through night and day,

In times when I no longer pray…

Would you believe in me?

Just tell me honestly!

Or, was it when I gave a second chance?


It’s not of curiosity that I keep breaking through

This silence only hurts like hell!

The walls get closer, I can tell…

Is life a carousel?!

So, was it when I loved you more than life?

Or was it when your love became a knife

That cut and hurt and killed the “me and you”?


Your eyes that pierced my soul, now look away…

It was supposed to last for ever and a day…

“I love you more”…that’s how you used to say…

Through storms and hell…we would have been okay

As long as love would guide our twisted way…

Don’t cry…it’s not that terrible

My question stands, unbearable!

Time wont return, life’s not repairable!

When was that I became invisible?



I found the image at: https://aminoapps.com/c/emosescritores/page/blog/amigos-invisiveis/g8wN_vEf6uVdJqWV3X4mKLRNMqW3oqjjbb







20 thoughts on “Invisible

  1. Here is a haunting beauty. You can feel and sense its presence, yet is also can’t be seen and is difficult to touch, though it touches you. Very nice, Claudia. I read this a few times last night, and only now did this voice speak to me. Thank you 😃

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    1. Your words touched my heart, thank you for seeing so deep into the hidden meanings of my poem. It’s about the ghost of a love that refuses to find its rest, a love that keeps haunting the places and the souls where it, once, settled in. It’s the kind of beauty that brings me to tears…
      And, for me, it’s amazing and wonderful, a true blessing beyond words, that you sensed it. Thank you for your kind and open heart…❤️

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  2. I’ve never loved anyone that much but I can understand, I know someone who became the shadow of himselft after he and his wife divorced and 5 years later he still hasn’t recovered 😦

    another great poem well done Claudia!!

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    1. Someone told me long ago that true love, the kind of love that God wants us to live, never breaks us, only enlightens our spirit. Even sadness has something pure and beautiful in it, when it’s related to true love.
      I pray you’ll find this special kind of love and you’ll hold on to it for ever!
      Thank you for your comment and for being here, it means a lot!

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  3. Very well written, I enjoyed reading this poem.
    As you well know, I’ve been there too. Some scars don’t heal very well but they make us who we are. I am always here for you and I will continue to pray for you. ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 3 people

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