Dear friends,

It was an honor to meet so many amazing people. Your messages gave me so much courage and strength and there are no words to express this feeling of gratitude towards you. Your comments, your kindness, your empathy and your presence here were my light in the darkness. It’s because of you all that I re-defined my faith as something beyond any church, any ritual or human rule. As something personal, so intimate and precious.

This is the gift that YOU gave to me.

As some of you may have noticed, my posts became more rare lately and I focused more on the “artistic” side of this blog, through poetry or short metaphor-stories. As much as I love expressing myself in an artistic way, this is NOT what this blog was meant to be.

Something, somehow, got lost on the way and I owe to you and to myself to bring it back. If I cannot write with honesty, if I cannot express my emotions in an authentic way, if I keep hiding behind poetry and metaphors, then…

…then I wont write at all.

I want to give you something in return. A story. My truth.

I could call it “a novel”, but you would know it’s about me. The main character is not wearing my name, so I could pretend it’s all a “made-up story”, but you would recognize me in her words. I will not lie. My gift for you is the truth.

And the link to my new blog, a project I believe in with all my heart, because it grows as I grow emotionally. May it bring healing to you and to me. May it sweeten the loneliness inside us.

Here it is, my gift for you:

And a snippet from my first blog post:

“…that’s how I asked with tears of hope in my eyes. Because, once I lost the feeling of normality, it also lost myself. And it became my greatest dream, something he gently corrects every time I even approach the subject. I know he’s trying to protect me from…myself. That’s what therapists do, isn’t it?

“You can be in control.”

In control of this rage inside, always self-orientated, always self-harming…

In control of this fear of being abandoned, irrational feeling that’s destroying everything I try to build…

In control of this tornado of emotions that overwhelms me, leaving me empty inside…

So I’m learning to be in control…” (“Isabella – finding the hero inside”)

I warmly invite you to read it, to read my about page and, if you find it interesting, to follow my new project. But, anything you’d choose to do, please proceed with discretion and gentleness.

After all, you are stepping inside a wide open heart…


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