sea-sunset-children-2K-wallpaperI want you to be joyful like a child in the Christmas morning, opening every gift that life has in store for you! Imagine that, in those colorful gift boxes, there could be the treasure of the world! It is, don’t you know? You just need to unwrap it and to enjoy all these wonders!

I want you to laugh and to play like every day would be the greatest adventure of all! You’ll have tears in your eyes from all the laughing, and you’ll still want more! Lacking air from all the giggling, jumping around and making funny faces, I want you to allow yourself to live to the fullest!

I want you to fall in love again! You’ll learn that love can be so sweet and easy to embrace, it doesn’t need drama, tragedies and anger. It doesn’t turn into hate, you’re not supposed to get hurt so deeply! Love is the gentle touch of a butterfly’s wings on your shoulder, reminding you that life is magical!

I want you to say lovely words, without the fear of sounding foolish or vulnerable! You’ll be amazing when you’ll compliment the loved one, when you’ll encourage the desperate one, when you’ll heal the broken one. You are meant to be a hero, don’t ever forget that!

And, finally, I want you to take your guitar and let your voice be heard! Be generous, be kind, be loving and fair…this is who you are!

I want you to be happier! Don’t you want it too? I know you can be!

…even if I’ll have to let you go.



Inspired by this song:

I found the image at:



25 thoughts on “I want you to be happier!

  1. I want all this happiness to be true for you my dear friend!! This makes it seem to simple to obtain…. even it means letting go of what is weighing you down. May you shine so bright for all those around you…. your words have a way of bringing light to the darkness!!

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    1. Thank you so much for your words! I have this vision (and it might be just in my imagination) that love should not break us…it should be a feeling of light and positivity. This is what I hope and pray for the ones I love, you included!
      And God will take care of my heart too! 🙂❤️

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  2. Such a beautiful read.. Finding happiness in little things makes life easier and happier ❤.. The way you compared love to the touch of a butterfly’s wings was so very beautiful…

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    1. Many of my titles are lyrics from the songs I love. This one is so special to me! I listened to it through a dark time of my life, I was away from home and really down…this was my therapy! Thank you for being here, I’m honored and happy that you liked my post!

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